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2003-04-16 || ships in tarzana - 37 weeks ago
soundtrack � beatles � revolver

I am still sick. I have now been ill for almost two weeks. I finally gave in and went to the doctor yesterday, where my subconscious homophobia came into effect, as I picked the woman doctor out of a choice of a couple. Her penetrating blue eyes, and thick diamond ringed fingers prodded my stomach for a minute or two, asked me some questions, including �do you use recreational drugs?�. �Marijuana, and opium occasionally� I replied. They took blood, and tomorrow I have to return with some �samples from home�. Fun.

Over the weekend I watched the rest of the Beatles DVD box set, and realized writing songs is a useless task at this point, as they did it all. Either way, my appreciation for them rose again, although my post Beatles opinion of Paul McCartney still stands, the same one that had John Lennon write to Sir Paul �How do you sleep at night?�.

I am sick of this room I am sick of this room I am sick of this room I am sick of this room I am sick of this room I am sick of this room I am sick of this room I am sick of this room

Finally did my taxes this afternoon. I am actually getting money back from the federal government, which I assume they will keep, as I still owe them for 1999, 2000, and 2001. I owe the state of Massachusetts $19.00. I think the state of Massachusetts owes me a whole lot more money personally, but who am I to argue?

Danzilla and I discussed the humor of George W being killed this evening.

I don�t know that I remember how to get to work anymore.

Speaking of Dan, I discovered this diary in his guestbook this afternoon. He had an entry with 50 records that influenced his life, and I was going to do the same thing here in a second. Over the years here I�ve made a million lists of favorites�this isn�t that, as that would be an impossible task with over 3000 CD�s and record albums. But I guess this is more personal in a way, some of these I may not even be into anymore, but without further ado, here are 50 records that had some sort of influence on my life in the past 33 years�in no particular order.

1) Bad Brains � Rock For Light

2) Minor Threat � Out of Step

3) Beatles � Magical Mystery Tour

4) Tom Waits � Rain Dogs

5) Cocteau Twins � Treasure

6) John Coltrane � Africa

7) A Tribe Called Quest � Low End Theory

8) 7 Seconds � The Crew

9) Black Flag � My War

10) The Who � Quadrophenia

11) Neil Young � Tonight�s the Night

12) Bob Dylan � Highway 61 Revisited

13) Beastie Boys � Paul�s Boutique

14) Miles Davis � Bitches Brew

15) Beach Boys � Pet Sounds

16) Rush � Signals

17) Rolling Stones � Exile on Main Street

18) The Wrecking Crew � Balance of Terror

19) Quicksand � Slip

20) Into Another � s/t

21) Black Sabbath � Volume 4

22) Embrace � s/t

23) The Clash � London Calling

24) Archers of Loaf � Icky Mettle

25) Sebadoh � Bakesale

26) NWA � Straight Outta Compton

27) Public Enemy � Yo! Bum Rush the Show

28) Nirvana � Bleach

29) The Cure � The Top

30) Crass � The Feeding of the 5000

31) U2 � Achtung Baby

32) REM � Document

33) Kiss � Love Gun

34) Jimi Hendrix � Axis: Bold as Love

35) Grateful Dead � Europe 72�

36) Fugazi � Repeater

37) Soulside � Hot Bodi-gram

38) Sonic Youth � Daydream Nation

39) Faith � Subject to Change

40) Iggy Pop � Raw Power

41) Medeski, Martin, and Wood � Friday Afternoon in the Universe

42) Sun Ra � Space is the Place

43) James Brown � Revolution of the Mind

44) Louis Armstrong � The Complete RCA Recordings

45) PiL � Public Image

46) Only Living Witness � Prone Mortal Form

47) Captain Beefheart � Trout Mask Replica

48) Bob Marley � Catch a Fire

49) Subhumans � The Day the Country Died

50) Husker Du � New Day Rising

That was a rough task�shiite.

Speaking of Shiite, I�m out.

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