Oh Joy!
2003-04-09 || 156ih890tyjkh
Soundtrack � Black Sabbath � Volume 4

Snow yet again. Stomach virus still. Aches in back, and feeling all around exhausted and out of it. I am ready to play music live in concert tonight though.

Keith made a comment about my girlfriend at the time, so at a party one night, we filled a bong with ammonia and made him take a hit when he was really drunk. He keeled over, vomited blood violently, and died right there in front of everyone.

Irene was a junkie to the umpteenth degree. One night at a party I got her up into a bedroom and said I would shoot up with her. I cooked up some crushed aspirin in a spoon and shot it myself. I then filled a syringe with some black ink, and shot it into her arm in the darkened room.

Larry left his wallet in our restaurant one night. I didn�t know him, as I worked in the back. For some reason the wallet was brought to me by a busboy. I got Larry�s home address from his driver�s license. In the middle of the night I went to Larry�s house and knocked on the door. When he answered the door I said �get your fucking shit together�, and sprayed him with pepper spray.

Lucille came to my house and asked if she could borrow my cock.

Matthew looked the part. Perfect hair, tight jeans, sweet ass. I would have fucked Matthew had I been gay. Instead, we went out and he fooled girls into sleeping with him even though everyone knew he was as queer as a football bat.


I don�t want to. I mean actually, yesterday on my drive home. I say yesterday and not last night because it is now light out on my drive home. So I�m driving home and they are talking about how they think they may have killed Saddam Hussein, they just need to look through the rubble. I wonder if they will find a guy with a moustache and flip him over, find his wallet and check his driver�s license. There are so many goddamned moustaches over there that it will be hard to tell who is who. I always wonder what these guys are like on a day to day basis. Does Osama Bin Laden eat pussy really, really well? Does Saddam Hussein give good backrubs?


I would like to go to the doctor, but I generally refuse to go to the doctor. Scanzilla will have to go to the doctor when he comes back from Toronto as every single person that lives in Toronto has SARS right now.


At a red light this morning I realized I don�t know any black people, and only one Jew.


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