Oh Joy!
2003-04-08 || joouho76t9t
Soundtrack � the Strokes � Is this It?

I am sick, I�ve been sick for 5 days now, and in the meantime lost 6 pounds now. Funny, when I�m sick I come to work. When I�m tired and wasted from staying up too late and I feel �sick� I don�t come in. I feel like working makes sickness go away though. How pathetic one feels in bed feeling all hot and bothered. I hate my fucking bed, and dread getting in it every night. Last night I thought to myself that �I should just get back up and do some shit, I don�t want to sleep, this is boring.� I jerked off to Joyce DeWitt circa 1984, and faded off to sleep though. Not bad.

Tomorrow we have our first gig since the last time there was an �A� at the beginning of a month. Also our first gig since Dan left. Should be interesting, as it�s in Salem, and I love playing in Salem, even if it is to a bunch of drunk people that won�t understand, or care to understand. My guitar is polished, and I have all words memorized for once. Yeah. I have a joint.

Today I had to have a discipline meeting with a woman who has worked here longer than I have, is older than me, and is generally a pain in the ass. It actually didn�t go that bad. Normally, I�m not very good at these things, but I was able to hold my own in there and tell her what was up. If she does anything now, she will be terminated. I sometimes don�t like having the power over someone to fire them, especially where they are unionized, and you have to be extra careful because they will crucify you if you get one little fucking detail wrong. Anyway, if you come to work and fuck around, what do you expect?

I accidentally watched wrestling for about 10 minutes last night and realized why I stopped liking it in the first place, it�s so dramatic, and silly. It just takes too long for the matches to end. Plus, it�s more homoerotic than He-Man. Eh?

both of these couples are just friends.

I am friends with Richard Simmons, and you are not

still sick, and I need to go have an orgasm for my lunch break.

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