Oh Joy!
2003-04-03 || we asked the horse a question about telly savalas one night back in 1982
Soundtrack � The Melvins � Singles 1-12

Quote of the evening, in the record store: �Do you only have that Nine Inch Nails shirt in extra large?�

It was payday, and yes of course, my mood was somewhere else earlier in the day. I spent some money and I feel better now. I bought that Beatles DVD set, as it was cheap cheap cheap. I also bought some magazines, and a book on the situation in Iraq written by some lefties�and the White Stripes CD, which is pretty good upon first listen. Just finished watching Secretary. I guess if I�m not in the mood for a movie, I�m not going to like it. I liked it, but not as much as I wanted to, perhaps another viewing.

I have been a boring person lately, at least when it comes to typing and making words come out I have been anyway.

I think I should do my taxes now, actually, I�ll wait.

Yesterday, the �More than Words� guy was behind me getting coffee. I see him all the time at the supermarket and I wonder how it feels to be a former star with a big single, a one time singer for Van Halen, and now making salad at the salad bar wondering if anyone recognizes you. Maybe he doesn�t care about that. Maybe I don�t care.

Big muscle guy in the department store with blonde flat top, tie, and the shirt, you know the shirt with the sleeves rolled up, like some sort of obnoxious Wall Street fuckster.

I am on a hunt for the Marx Brothers, anyfuckingthing, on DVD. If you know anything about where to find them, let me know, I will pay handsomely. That is, I will send you a handsome picture of myself. Like this one

On Christmas Eve, they told us that George Bush would be having enchiladas for dinner with the family; apparently it�s his favorite meal. Can you picture him eating those? �Shit Laura, these motherfuckers are good! Nice and hot, just like I like them, shit these are so fucking good, I think we should execute some retarded people, and then invade a country the size of Connecticut! Shit! Pass me another diet Root Beer!�. For the record, my family generally goes with a seafood/Italian thing on Christmas.

I will now track down all of the Melvins I can find. Not enough yet.

It�s late, and it may still be raining, I�ll ask the cat about it.

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