Oh Joy!
2003-04-03 || who's worse?
Soundtrack � Mos Def and Talib Kwali � Black Star

I mean do the spamming people really think if I see a message that says �Satchmo3wosjsdndadfji I have been trying to get in touch with you!� I am going to fall for it? These are the people the country should be at war with. Without further ado, here are my choices, if I had control over picking who we go to war with:

1) Junk E-mail people � I�ve talked about them in here before, but I can�t take it anymore. I spend more fucking time deleting and unsubscribing and this and that that I get mad. I rarely ever get mad. If I was ever at a party and I met someone who was the nicest person in the world and then they said they worked for a company that sends spam e-mails out I would immediately pick a boogie and flick it at them. Then I would call in the whole United States Military and have them attack him. By the end of the night he would be so shocked and awed that he wouldn�t even know how to spell �Viagra� anymore. I resent these people for assuming I need Viagra; I mean I can get hard looking at the Mona Lisa if I try hard enough.

2) My hair a month ago � Looking at some pictures of me from the trip to Philadelphia/NJ last month, I could have looked just as good with a skullet (a balding man such as myself, with long hair). My hairdo should have been stopped the day I thought, �I should let it grow a little�. I would like to get my hands on a time machine, go back a month, and have the military shock and awe me into shaving my head. I am now back to the shaved head thing, thank the lord.

3) this website for having such a silly name, and then for not really giving a person the chance to do what it�s asking. Don�t click on it, unless you want to spend ten minutes closing windows. I will send the military to shock and awe her freckles off.

4) The guy who made my coffee whiter than Celine Dion�s soul for me this morning. I�ve been going to this new place on the way to work. I am somehow under the impression that bagels are �healthier� than donuts, and sweet bakery products for breakfast, when we all know that I should just eat a piece of fucking fruit. I wonder how many times someone has said, �I should just eat a piece of fucking fruit, you mother fucker�. So I started going to this place regularly this week, and it�s been a mixed bag. One day the bagel is not toasted enough, the next day the coffee is too light. Yesterday the travesty was ordering a bagel with �jalapeno lite�. At most other places, jalapenos are generally green. When I got into my car to start eating it, I noticed they were red. I generally will not eat anything red as a rule. Don�t ask.

5) The Rancid concert I went to in 199? My friend Steve took me to � This was my first punk rock show in years after a notable absence in that scene, and I dug their records, but after going and feeling very young, and then the band not sounding very good, I was jaded again for a few years until I went and saw the Mission of Burma reunion show in Boston and realized that old men could make good music with more energy than some younger bands. I will have the military attack that concert that I went to.

I started a Fotolog because I like taking pictures, and I want people to see some of the pictures that I have taken. There is only a couple on there right now. I will put a link to on this page once I revamp the whole look of it, which I have been thinking of lately.

I�ve less and less to say as the days go by, and find my other place more me than this. Strangers come by and say hello, which is nice, but for the most part the satisfaction of having my thoughts read by strangers has gotten slightly stale as of recent. I think because I know a good amount of people in �real life� read this, so obviously I�m not going to start any ideas.

Changing guitar strings last night actually wasn�t that big of a deal, until I realized my high e-string tuning peg was a little bent. This happens if you leave guitars out of their cases, or not on guitar stands. I should kick myself in the ass for this. I have 5 other guitars I can fuck with I guess.

I am still back and forth about doing a week long stint on the road this summer. I have 4 more weeks of vacation this year, I�ve already used 1 week. If so, I would do North Carolina back up the coast. Cameras and cowboy hats for everyone.

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