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2003-03-31 || fuckfuckfuckfuckfucklfuckfculkfuclfuckfifklclfiflcifisfkl
soundtrack - Freddie Hubbard - Hub Cap

I don�t think people are talking enough about Michael Moore around here, aside from Dan�s funny entry on him, I read some guys website talking about him and it was so stupid. Most of these people have to flog the dead horse and mention he�s fat. Original. Anyway, Bowling for Columbine was one of the best movies I saw last year, and Michael Moore is a million times funnier than probably anyone in Hollywood anyway. The conservatives on the radio the other day kept throwing jabs at him because he�s overweight.

I�m fat, and I probably got my dick sucked more times than an altar boy at Christmas in the last 2 years.

A bunch of things about me:

I share a birthday with Roseanne Barr, who is also fat.

I also share a birthday with Mike Dukakis, who is not phat.

I think the expression �white trash� is more offensive than the word �nigger�.

My first concert was Cat Stevens, I was 6 years old.

I was in the presence of Jerry Garcia over 30 times in my life, Jerry was fat (after 1982).

I�ve never been to Sudan.

I�ve been in one fist fight, 19 years ago.

I would kill a friend if it meant I could go back in time and see Miles Davis in 1958.

I almost joined the military right before the Gulf War.

I used to be a graffiti artist, until I got caught�3 times in one month.

I saw Gene Wilder in a book store in Century City once.

I could count the number of times I�ve been drunk in the past 8 months on one hand.

I am Italian, and I hate Italian food for the most part.

I have had sex with 39 women. Just kidding.

I own every Woody Allen movie on DVD, except for one.

I�ve never fired a gun.

I do not like tomatoes.

I also do not like vinegar.

I hate people who use the word �hate�, or rather, I dislike when people use the word �hate�, I think it makes people sound unintelligent. I use it on occasion though.

The first movie I ever saw was�right, like anyone can remember that.

I have three diaries I write in on a regular basis, in at least one of them I always lie.

I�ve only dated one Jewish person.

I received a platinum record in my office for the O� Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack, and you didn�t.

I have no idea how to drive a stick shift.

I�ve never used the word �fuck�.

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