Oh Joy!
2003-03-31 || bow to the white woman
Soundtrack � does anyone care?

So in my drive yesterday, I drove through a cemetery and stole an American flag off of some guys grave and lit it on fire. I put the burned pieces in a Starbucks cup, and threw it on the lawn of this man I dislike. This brings the total to three days in a row of fucking with this guy now involving coffee cups. One night I threw a pretty full cup on his lawn, and the next day I saw him parked, and threw a coffee all over his cars.

I enjoy fucking with people, but I enjoy littering much, much more. I have every fucking right to litter as much as possible, and there is not one environmental fuck that can tell me I shouldn�t. As long as cigarettes, and gas are as expensive as they are, I am going to litter. If I�m paying state taxes this high in this state, fuck it. I literally have not used a trash barrel in a long fucking time. I always make sure I throw a bag of food out the window when I am done eating, drinks, packs of cigarettes. There is actually an area near my house that I had a habit of throwing stuff out at every day, and there is a pileup now. I like how litter looks on the ground. Almost as much as I like to see the bloodied bodies of dead Iraqi, and bloodied American soldiers. Ha ha, they are all going to fucking hell. Allah will show the way. I wish I were over there, I�m ready to die for God. Heh.


That�s it, bow to the black man

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