Oh Joy!
2003-03-30 || -
soundtrack � willie nelson � teatro

dream last night: Went to meet Dan at some house with his brother, who was actually Breaux�s friend John who wears the army jackets. We then had to leave, and I had to ride a ten speed bike to Maine, while Dan and his mother followed me in a Toyota Camry. I backed out of the house onto a busy highway, and almost got hit. I then stopped at a rest area, which was actually a knick knack shop run by old women. They asked what the book in my bag was (for some reason I had a shopping bag with this big bulky hardcover book, and a bottle of water. I said �It�s a book about this guy who survives cancer, and then relives his life�. I went out and got back on my bike, and realized I was too heavy, and feared I would flatten the tires somehow. I then woke up, and my back is killing now.

Dave Matthews, walking into a Kentucky Fried Chicken, and asking if they sell whiskey and/or chicklets.

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