Oh Joy!
2003-03-30 || running over anti-war protesters with my SUV with a swastika on the hood
soundtrack � james brown � hell

the white man is the devil the white man is the devil the white man is the devil

so I�m in the CD store yesterday visiting my brother looking through this box of new CD�s that came in and pulled out a Johnny Cash CD and said �You know, Johnny Cash sucks, he�s overrated� This young punk looking guy scoffed at the comment and I then said �It�s not my fault he�s white, white people don�t rock� heh. Seriously though, when is that palsied old mother fucker gonna stop making records?

Tonight was okay, Shawn and I went down to the Irish bar, I had one Guiness, and we sat with this guy who is really into drum and bugle corps, and wearing kilts, and shit like that. At one point in the evening, we were outside in the rain smoking, and a guy walked up with a sleeveless t-shirt, completely soaking wet. He asked if they sold sweatshirts. Yeah, it�s 11:30 on a Saturday night, the Irish pub is the place to buy sweatshirts. Fuck. So I remembered I had bought a rain poncho last year on my way to a festival (NAMBLA), and I never used it. I told the guy about it, and we walked over to my car, and I sold him this poncho for $5.00. His sleeveless shirt read on the front �You wear your X��, and on the back it said ��and I�ll wear mine� with a big confederate flag.

Papa don�t take no mess.

Tomorrow, I was going to go take pictures, but if it�s raining I may hold off�although it may actually work to my advantage. I�ll see what the sleeping schedule is in the morning. As it stands, it�s past 2 now, and I am not tired at all.

No, I didn�t go to a NAMBLA festival you schmuck.

How many of you dudes would have fucked the waiter at Denny�s tonight, raise your hand.

Around a year ago, I drank for the first time in 2 years, and passed out on a lawn. I cannot imagine that ever happening again.

Road trip to northern Maine in August, on border of Canada, where they are apparently �better� than us.

Since I got the Gold Membership thing happening, I�ve started getting more hits from search engines. I don�t like this, I don�t want more people looking.

Enough already.


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