Oh Joy!
2003-03-27 || HE, i mean He fucked marvin gaye that night ;last wkee
Soundtrack � Funkadelic � Uncle Jam Wants You

Any person who listens to Bachman Turner Overdrive, and enjoys it in any way whatsoever should be chemical weaponizized.

I�ve lost interest in the war after 1 few days, as it seems like the same story friendly fire kills this person Iraqi troops fire on coalition troops people with bandanas and hemp necklaces lay down in street and listen to shitty folk music, etc.

There are other good stories in the news, like the girl in Canada who was in a shopping cart going 45 mph and got injured, who says all that cold air up there doesn�t do bad things to the brain?

Leave am fucki meisage cosuksres!

Dreamt that the cat was flying around my room and didn�t know how to get down from floating up in the ceiling. We eventually got her down with this �magic dream ladder� that somehow appeared.

This siong isn�t bad as gay as it is

They took the water cooler away broken now I�s is thirtsy and cantdo nouthing

Ypoufuicking alssohole so I mean took iot away fomr us anow ahwta?

before & after