Oh Joy!
2003-03-26 || wine coolers in east germany-1977
Soundtrack � The Kinks � Kinda Kinks

Actually, it�s quite sad to see people around the world burning American Flags, not because I am some flag waving right wing asshole, but because it sucks that because of the actions of some guys in suits that �run� this place, people hate us. Me, you, your parents, the Grand Canyon, New York City, the Mississippi River, the Ohio Players album �Fire�. There are people around the world that hate you and your friends sitting around the bar having drinks talking about your favorite movies, and how your job sucks. I love it here because I love it here, but not because I think we�re better than any people in other places.

Band practice was pretty good tonight, it being literally the first time I picked up a guitar and played it since March 12th. Things are looking up, we are getting the CD printed soon. Tonight I decided that this weekend I am going to drive up on Route 1 and take some photos of old motels, etc. for possible cover photos and whatnot. Dan, road trip for cheap cigarettes Saturday afternoon? I have my own, I bought a carton in OK for 23 dollars. Wheeze�.We have a couple of gigs, and I had an e-mail tonight from a club in Bedford MA that may give us a gig too. I think this year we will get some shit done finally. We obviously need to. The posters in our room aren�t as exciting as a room full of people staring at me for 45 minutes making me nervous.

How many wine coolers to fuck this person?

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