Oh Joy!
2003-03-26 || they floaww around it
Soundtrack � Elvis Costello � My Aim is True

I had visions, visions that if you don�t wear a seatbelt, you will be killed. Not necessarily in a car accident, your car will know, and kill you. My car will kill me without a seatbelt. I made it to work without one today without realizing it until I got to a block before I got to work. I put the seatbelt on for a total of 45 seconds or so to end my relatively quick drive to work this morning.

They will find her dead in the motel room, under the bed. I did not put here there. She �ended up� there somehow.

When they don�t call back, we start with the weapons. I have one real WEAPON. One physical object that would be called a weapon next to my bed. In the summer, this will be in the front of my mind more though. I will be conscious of my weapon in the summer.

Imagine a parrot

They said the Doors are playing in Boston. I will fucking kill

We drank fruit punch on the porch, and you talked about how warm it was. I wondered the whole day when you would leave. I wanted you to stay and be plain with me, but by 4:30 I was ready to sleep. I ate your pussy in the backyard, and you made fun of the red fruit punch moustache I had. Neil Diamond sang �play it now, play it now�.

Got Crank?

I can take the soul out of someone. This person once told me to always ask permission before taking permission, I mean before taking pictures.

14 days of sobriety in East Lansing, 1999

fuck fuck fuck this picture makes me angry angry. I am more pissed off than a Klansman at an Al Sharpton election campaign conference.

Once you get on the road for 8 or more hours, they start coming out, the people who float. Have you seen the ones who float? Have you been there when the ones who float fly by your eyes? Have you seen the ones who float, I asked you the fucking queostionsn!

Fuck this fuckinslg pleac


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