Oh Joy!
2003-03-25 || my new bike, it's quikk
Soundtrack � jandek � graven image

In Salem Massachusetts right now�.my current feeling is �if you are going to protest the war, don�t block streets so people who want to come and go can�t come and go�use your first amendment rights to recite shitty political poetry in the park or something��

Perhaps I will soon have an opinion of it, as right now I have no opinion of it. I think I lean more for it than against it for what it�s worth though. This is no place to be talking politics though, I generally stop reading any diary entry the second I start reading �and these republicans��, etc.

The trips were both great. The first, being the trip to New Jersey was great, I had won some money the night before, and on the way, so that put me in a good mood to travel. Everyone we met was really cool, and now that I am home I can read their diaries, and answer e-mails, etc.

Oklahoma was great too, my second time seeing Jodie, who I talk to every single day, and who is generally my favorite person. We went to the zoo, I had her take me to some CD stores. I surprisingly came back with a mere dozen CD�s or so. The most disappointing being the copy of Brian Eno � Here Come the Warm Jets which I just discovered is a misprint and doesn�t have said record on it. Boo-hoo. I finally found a Jandek CD, which I�ve been searching for desperately, if you don�t know about him check out this here .

Must go back to work tomorrow I guess

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