Oh Joy!
2003-03-25 || let me see your pussy
Soundtrack � Weezer � Pinkerton

So there I am driving through downtown Boston when a young man with a red bandana tied to his head carrying a sign that says �no war for oil� comes up to my window and says �you can�t get down here� I reply �I need some oil, for my car, can I come down there?�

I told Jodie I was kind of hoping they would use chemical weapons (both sides), as it would teach both sides a lesson. I don�t know what the lesson would be, but�The fact that we are out to kill Saddam Hussein, and it�s public knowledge is kind of exciting to me. If anything, think of all the good punk rock music that will come out of all of this. Without further ado, here are my top reasons why I think this war is the best thing to ever happen in my life since Wings broke up.

1) Saddam Hussein will be killed, or driven away. This is a good thing.

2) It keeps people from watching shitty TV shows like�well, anything on TV

3) It keeps my mind off of the depressing things in my life such as my declining health, my increasing weight, etc.

4) It�s fun to watch morons get arrested in protest marches. Think how excited San Francisco must be. Once all of those people pay fines, they will be able to pay for a new football stadium or something!

5) George Bush won�t get elected again, a democrat will, and then we�ll be�in no different place than we are now economically!

6) Seeing footage of explosions is cool, especially when it�s real far away from me.

Oh yeah, I was going to avoid politics in here. Either way, after reading the entries of friends etc. about patriotism and the like I have one thing to say �God fucking bless America!! Whooo!! Shit! Fuck!�. I love this fucking place, I don�t hate other places though. I could give a fuck less about France and Canada, why would I waste time disliking a whole country? I just can�t imagine living anywhere else. Fuck. I don�t identify with the government here, so I say �I live here� whatever�

If fried chicken is outlawed, only outlaws will eat fried chicken.

I think I have nothing to say in here anymore, what is the fucking point?


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