Oh Joy!
2003-03-22 || george
soundtrack - tv

Still in Oklahoma, catching little pieces of the news here and there when I can. Jodie doesn't want to watch it, so when I get home I guess I will turn it on. I have been reading about it though, and I have to say I'm not against it, and I'm not for it, I have no opinion really. I don't follow politics really, so I have no idea why we're there, nor do I care. I follow the things I want to follwo in the news, and have never really cared for politics. I don't vote, and I don't sign anti-war petitions, or anti SUV petitions as I think the arguments against them are ridiculous. As long as the military isn't killing my family or friends, I don't care who the hell they kill really. I have other things to worry about than what I'm going to wear to the flag burning. I say, if you don't like living here, leave, how hard is that? They'll be less people on the road for me to deal with. As much as I may come off in here as an "I hate" person towards different things or people, I don't have an ounce of that in me really. I don't hate anyone, or anything, as a matter of fact, I despise the word "hate" for the most part. I think it's the equivalent of an 8th grader saying "you're queer". I like watching, that's about it.

Yesterday Jodie had to work, so I spent 5 hours walking around the mall where she works. It went by rather quick actually. A Friday evening at the mall in Oklahoma is quite fun actually. More fun than a burning oil refinery.

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