Oh Joy!
2003-03-21 || 6 buildings from a reluctant conservative
soundtrack - traffic

because of ocd, i like the way the aerial views show buildings being eliminated. I count letters in words all day. I like the aerial view of city blocks, and then the next time they show it, it is rubble. because i count words and letters and numbers in my head all day. because i played video games as a kid, i like the fact that missiles shoot buildings down out of the sky. we need to surround. once it is eliminated, it will be ours. i count letters, and i watch buildings disappear. i have no compassion, so innocent people being forced out of their homes, or to heaven earlier than fate scheduled them, well that is life.

i love the united states of america, fuck you.

(dream last night - i played a gig, but the rest of my band was not available, so I hired some guys, they only knew 4 songs. at the end of the night, i went and got a haircut at a barber shop, something i haven't done in real life since 12/31/90.)

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