Oh Joy!
2003-03-20 || vacation postcard
I took some pictures in Oklahoma with my new camera today, fuck you.

This is a motel, or rather a sign for a motel that no longer exists, I took a few of this one.

This is the Bling Bling Car Wash, do you like when your car go bling bling?

This is Momma Pearl's Hook-Up, I went in there and got hooked up...you certainly didn't.

This is an old school behind the former Wishing Well Motel, I don't think they're teaching anything here currently.

This is the Happy Foods Market, I took this for Crystal in Toronto, because she likes things that start with the word "Happy", or "Hapi" (sic).

I will take more pictures tomorrow and the next once I start really figuring out this camera. By the end of the vacation, every picture I take will be bling blinged.

before & after