Oh Joy!
2003-03-17 || my favorite version of ******
Soundtrack � Camper Van Beethoven � Camper Vantiquities

My head is ready to fall off�we drove what seemed like a shorter amount today to return to Boston. The weekend was great, we met up with the others on Saturday, and walked around Philadelphia, went to eat, drink, shop, and spend time in a museum. All and all I had a lot of fun, everyone I met was very nice, and I met folks I hadn�t been acquainted with online as of yet. I wish I had more energy to write about it, but I have to pack my bags, and get on a plane to Oklahoma tomorrow at 8:55 AM for a week. I will most likely write when I am there.

After looking in the mirror this morning, the first thing I did upon arriving home was shave my head and face. I need a tan.

A few little anecdotes from the weekend though:

� No hot water in the motel room, save for a brief period on Saturday morning.

� Woke up on Sunday morning, and the room was about 158 degrees Fahrenheit. I hate sleeping when it is hot (I generally avoid covers too), so I woke up and felt like I was on valium.

� South Street is like Harvard Square�if it were next to Hampton Beach, NH

My head, a slight pounder.

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