Oh Joy!
2003-03-10 || do not break your arm
oundtrack � The Residents � various�

Dream last night:

I won $35,000 on a scratch ticket�I went to a place to have speakers installed in my car, and the guy told me I needed the �install disc� to install the speakers I bought�which was at my house. It was in one of those little white envelopes. I have about 3000 CD�s, as well as hundreds of CD�s in white envelopes in my room stacked all over the place in here, so I had to come back here and find it. As I rifled around to find it, Breaux and his friend Shawn who played drums in his old band sat on my bed and read books and laughed as I threw things around looking for the CD, after an hour I decided to look in the box the speakers came in and found the CD.

I woke up and it was hot.

Here�s how I turned 5 Aerosmith, 1 Beach Boys, and a Little Feat CD into $100 just under an hour ago�I went to the store to sell the above CD�s, got about $30. I immediately went to the convenient store where I seem to always win on scratch tickets. I bought a pack of cigarettes, and a $5 scratch ticket�.just one. Abracadabra, $100. Yikes.

It is sunny and maybe 40 degrees here today in Salem Massachusetts.

I am ready for the spring and summer now, I guess we are almost out of it. I am hoping it does not snow or anything when we drive down to Bruce Springsteen land on Friday. I was able to tell my boss that I was leaving early Friday, and that someone else in the office was taking vacation as well. I made a mistake and requested a week and a day off, forgetting that a crucial woman in my office was also going to be out that week. I finally told him Friday and he was okay with this. I am also going to receive the over due raise hopefully on the next check, along with the retroactive amount from Jan 1, which should be good. With this money, I am go ahead and buy the guitar I�ve been wanting to get

through the mail order company the Gibson ES-135 is $999, or the better way to say it �5 EASY PAYMENTS OF $199.95. Yeah

Truman Capote. Woo hoo.


Okay, I wrote all that above shit this afternoon, and this morning�now that it�s 1:19 AM, I am somewhere else.

Scanzilla and I went to lunch today, and then robbed a 7-11 at gun point. I pistol whipped the man behind the counter cause he was �too fucking slow for chissakes!!!�. I am quite excited to go to other states, as it�s easier to get away with robbing convenient stores when you don�t live within 5 miles or whatnot. The waitress where we had lunch did that thing where she kneeled on the seat to ask us how the meal was going, and briefly touched me on the arm when I made a joke. I wonder if she knows I jerked off to her when I got in. This is my diary, of course I am going to mention that.

I am going to shave my head tomorrow. I was going to see how long I could get it, and this is usually about where I get, an inch or so.

Aarne called to tell me we may be able to play on june 21 now. Ah, the summer solstice. Today I thought of playing a gig in the Philadelphia area, I am going to look into that, that would be pretty fun.

WWJCD? (What would Jordan Catalano Do?)

This morning, there were 3 Woody movies on I watched casually as I lazed around the Sunday morning chatting with the cat and looking forward to coffee in the afternoon, and some sun across the left arm. I forgot how funny �Love and Death� was, with the line �We�re not gonna be parents, we�re gonna be refugees�. You had to be there�I tried to get in touch with Stefanie at one point, but she never called back. I recently got her number again, since it was stored in my �smashed to fucking pieces� cell phone. I wanted to a) catch up with her in general, b) tell her I met her new boyfriend, and he seemed nice, c) see if she wanted to have dinner before I go away.

We have a history of going out to dinner before I go away, it has kind of fell by the wayside in recent years though. From what I hear around, she is still sober, which is great news. She would make a fine student, I don�t know why she hasn�t pursued that yet. We were best friends for a long time, and I�ve seen her grow from a teen years ago, into the young lady that she is now. Her boyfriend seemed nice when I met him inadvertently a couple of weeks ago, he was into good movies anyway.

I have 80,000 things to do, and e-mails to respond to that have March, single digit, 2003 on them�and this has got to be boring to read regardless.

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