Oh Joy!
2003-03-07 || and His son Jesus
Soundtrack � Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson

Today is my 33 1/3 birthday. This is my only significant birthday until I turn 45, and then when I turn 78.

I am going home to the motherland. I am going to meet my maker. I swear, I will meet Jesus. When I leave Oklahoma in a couple of weeks, when I come home. I am going to hijack the airplane, and crash it into an oil refinery in Texas somewhere. I found some maps. I found a way to make a weapon that is similar to one of those �shocker� things. Once you shut the curtain to the First Class area, you really only have about a dozen people to deal with. People with money to afford First Class are generally going to be weak people, so they will be easy to stop. Once I make my way into the cockpit, I will offer the pilots a chance to either just kill me, or let me kill me, and everyone aboard the airplane. I got to think, an airplane holds a couple hundred people. Out of all of the people in the world, what are the chances I am going to kill someone who is real important? Okay, I will be a little depressed if I have to kill children. But regret, and guilt are not going to be felt if I am not alive anymore.

I feel that God and his son Jesus will be happy if I do something like this. They have been waiting for me anyway. I am ready to believe in God, I�m ready to take every cell of atheism out of my body. The only way I am ready to do this though is by a) dying, and b) doing something horrific that would normally send someone to hell. This is the only way I can find this out. There is absolutely no proof as it is that God and his son Jesus Christ are alive in my eyes. Every once in a while you will hear a story of someone who stops breathing on an operating table and �sees the light�. I don�t necessarily think this has anything to do with God or his son, Jesus. I think it has more to do with light leaving your body. Moving far away from life, and all of the beautiful things that beam down upon us day to day.

God and his son Jesus are going to hug me when I meet them up in Heaven. God may be a little upset with me for killing so many people, but once I explain that I did it for him than he will understand. We all kill for God and his son Jesus.

The funny thing is one would think I�m joking about this.

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