Oh Joy!
2003-03-06 || the people who lit the fire in my room over there
Soundtrack � King Crimson � Frame By Frame 3 I just bought the SuperGold membership finafuckingly...I've started a ring too...

Just got back from going down to the bar to watch a band for a few, and introduce myself to one of the members as we are going to play a gig with them in April. Ran into my friend Heather there (her boyfriend is in the band we will be playing with), and an old friend Pam whose boyfriend was playing there tonight. I realized I have known Pam for 20 years. Her older sister was my girlfriend through high school, and slightly beyond.

I have not worn deodorant in a month.

My hair is the longest it�s been in years now�at an inch and a half long or something. It�s okay because I wear a hat all the time anyway, because I am insecure about hair loss�.plus, men shouldn�t be worried about hairdo�s. I question the sexuality of men who worry about hair and fashion. Do they?

I booked the motel for New Jersey next Friday. We got 2 rooms for $45 a night each. Not bad. Sometimes, when I am in the motels, I imagine the things that went on in the room before I came by. One of my favorite things to do though, is when the bathroom mirror gets steamy (from either a hot shower, or hot one on one homoerotic bubble bath action), with my finger I will write things on the mirror like �Stop me before I kill again�, or �The lamp told me to kill a hooker in here last night�. Funny thing is, a lamp did tell me to kill a hooker once.

Top 5 motel experiences of my life:

1) Harrisburg, PA � 8/98 � The first stop of a two week road trip I took all by myself. A Red Roof Inn, where I discovered how much of a waste the pornography you can buy on the TV is. You buy the 3 hour block, you beat off in the first 20 minutes, and go to sleep. With the video or DVD you can shut it off and use it later on. With the non stop block you can take your chances with the red haired Asian woman with fake tits at the beginning of the film, or wait and hope that a better scene comes along later. There is absolutely nothing to do in Harrisburg Pennsylvania by the way.

2) Waynesboro, VA 8/98 � My next stop on my trip. It was literally 105 degrees outside, and I tried to get iced coffee, and nobody knew what I was talking about, so I bought a piping hot coffee to the dismay of the woman working the Mobil where they also had no covers for the cups either. Two other notable events were a can of Diet Dr. Pepper exploding in the backseat of my car, and the breakfast where I first heard of Mark Sandman of Morphine dying.

3) Virginia Beach, VA � 8/98 Where I took the photograph for the cover of my band�s first CD. Which you can see here See, isn�t it pretty?

4) Nashville, TN � 6/00 A Motel 6 with a Hooters, a strip club, and a Waffle House in the parking lot. Highlight of this three day stay was the hot black woman in lingerie emerging from a room to ask for a light as I walked by.

5) Palo Alto, CA 9/94 The first time I ever stayed in a motel by myself, as �an older� person. Stanford girls don�t take well to tattooed boys from back east.

Okay, that was a useless list.

The amount of cocaine that Carly Simon did the day after she first fucked James Taylor for the first time.

Would there be retaliation if the next spectacular terrorist attack on American soil was at one of the Eagles reunion concerts coming up?

Sometimes, it�s hard to take compliments about writing, as I used to try more to write to myself. When it comes down to it, everyone is great at writing a journal to themselves. Once you start talking to, or at people, well that�s a different story. It�s not right or wrong, it just feels different, and sometimes I admit I can write contrived. With that said, I am a little over one hundred page hits from 50,000 on my site meter. Who are they all?

This weekend, aside from the concert on Saturday night, I want to relax. I go out too much. There�s nothing out there, is there? Even going to see music has become somewhat of a chore for me. My ears are tired, and my impatience with the constant frottage in crowded places tries my nerves.

There�s nothing out there.

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