Oh Joy!
Soundtrack � Phish � 2.28.03 I

Home from work today with what feels like a possible cold coming on, or I could even be lying to myself right now. My favorite part of being home from work is seeing the morning talk shows. Right now, Jenny Jones has �out of control teens�, who as usual come on stage yelling �fuck you� and that kind of thing, and then by the end of it they usually have the Army guy come out and yell at them and do push-ups, and then the kid is suddenly crying. Is it wrong to exploit these kinds of kids? Surely not, it�s so entertaining. Shouldn�t these military guys be over in the Middle East waiting to turn the place into a crater instead of yelling at troubled kids anyway? I want to join the military so I can just be on talk shows and yell at teenagers, and then hit on the hoochie girls by saying things like �Yeah I know I was just yelling at you out there, but I got this Eminem CD in my car and a bag of weed and some Mad Dog 20/20 why don�t you come take a ride in my Honda Civic?�

Yesterday, I had the oil changed by a girl. The guys that work in this place I�ve been going to for a while have worse mouths than me. She is new there, I wonder if they still talk like that?

I just went out, and it�s snowing. There are lots of beautiful people driving on the road right now it�s kind of exciting.

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