Oh Joy!
2003-03-05 || Aarne at work
Soundtrack � Billie Holiday � Whatever this CD is that someone is playing in here.

I don�t think Billie Holiday is that exciting this morning. Perhaps because I am not in the mood for it; I had loud electric guitars happening in the car this morning.

You are a weak fucking pussy.

So the news is so goddamned funny nowadays, it�s funny that there�s so much of it. There isn�t much good news...whatever that means � the fact that we captured one of the head Al Qedaa men, and we are rightfully torturing him at an undisclosed location, well that is good news. Michael Jackson put a curse on Steven Spielberg. Good! Maybe someone will cut his fucking hands off next, so he can�t direct anymore movies. Has that guy ever made a single good movie in his entire life? Exactly, no, he hasn�t. Heh. Well, Close Encounters was good�at the time. I think any of his movies, you watch years later and they don�t hold up well. E.T? Is there any reason someone older than 11 needs to watch that movie? I did enjoy Schindler�s List though. Is it bad to use the word �enjoy� when talking about a film about the holocaust? When I think of the word �enjoy� I think of balloons, and ferris wheels, and sexual intercourse and that kind of thing. Okay, I was emotionally satisfied with the film Schindler�s List. I do like Steven Spielberg, as when he talks about film, he knows what he�s talking about, but I�m not a fan of the movies much.

Last night, I found copies of 2 Dolemite DVD�s. Petey Wheatstraw, and The Disco Godfather. If you�ve never seen a Rudy Ray Moore movie, you are a fucking asshole and you shouldn�t be allowed to have sex anymore.

The women in my office are chatty today. How cool is it that at any given moment I have the right to say �can you please be quiet and do some work�? Or maybe �shut up or you don�t get a fucking paycheck�. I wonder what they would think if they knew their boss was talking like this. My god, I should be ashamed.

I killed someone last night.

Tonight we have band practice, and then I am going to check out a band at the bar in downtown Salem for a little while. One of the guys is in a band we are supposed to play with in April, so I am going to introduce myself.

Each week, my bank puts my account on hold because of a negative balance. Each week I call them and ask them to unfreeze it, and each week they do, and then my whole paycheck in gone within 24 hours to bills, cigarettes, drugs, lottery tickets, and coffee. Last night, I won $50. Although I probably spent $300 in the past week, so I didn�t really win anything.


George W Bush, he sends me form letters, and-

So there is an undercover cop living in our complex now, but I don�t feel any safer from what happens out in the woods when I am in my room at night. I am not looking forward to the summer when the windows are open and I can hear and see them out there.

Yesterday, I was almost killed by a sniper while having a cigarette outside. I could feel him/her watching me. When I came back inside, I saw little bright �electric bugs� flying in my peripheral vision. In my room the other night, a big bright snake flying above my bed as I drift off to fuck redheads from twelve years ago.

Today an oil change, tomorrow the world.

someone said Zoloft-(�tacos 101�)

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