Oh Joy!
2003-03-04 || perhaps there will be women in capes
Soundtrack � Ween � mix

Bio-Dome with Pauly Shore is on the TV right now. If anyone can tell me why this movie ISN�T better than Citizen Kane, 8 �, The Seven Samurai, Annie Hall, and any other movie deemed a classic, I will give them $20,000. Pauly Shore is quite possibly the most misunderstood comedy genius of our time. And then that Baldwin guy. My favorite scene in this is when they are farting and trying to guess what each other ate. I cried the first time I saw this film. The only thing missing from this movie is Brendan Fraser.

I am going to start eating better tomorrow. I swear. Today for lunch I had chicken fingers, French fries, a brownie and some cigarettes. Mmmm.

How fucking sexy is a woman in a yellow shirt, with a red fanny pack?

Very fucking sexy indeed.

Who knew that a guy that looked like Ron �The Hedgehog� Jeremy was responsible for all of the terrorism in the world?

Band practice was pretty good tonight, we are learning a New Order song from Power, Corruption, and Lies called �Leave Me Alone�. Quite tricky it is, but when it gets down to it, I don�t think I would play guitar like I do if it weren�t for New Order, The Cure, and Janes Addiction. I am an alternative rock person at heart, so fuck you. Speaking of which, there is a new Throwing Muses CD coming out tomorrow, which is exciting. Practice eventually morphed into a metal festival per usual.

This weekend, I am going to see King Crimson in Boston. So I will get to see the man responsible for some of that crazy ass motherfucking guitar work on Remain in Light, Adrian Belew. The last time a friend of mine went he mentioned there was a huge line at the men�s room at set break, and no line at the women�s room. Heh. The chicks don�t dig the prog rock I guess. Perhaps there will be women in capes.

�LMLYP� is the funniest Ween song there is. That stands for �Let Me Lick�� That could have easily fit on a Funkadelic record.

I will come back to this in the morning. It�s �late�

This is how fucking lame I am �with the computer� with the pic of my rock band.

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