Oh Joy!
2003-03-03 || APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!! WOOO HOOO!! LOL!! OMFG!!! :-) :-)
Soundtrack � Frank Zappa � You Can�t Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 2

As a young man, we would go out in groups, and go to gigs, and pick on people with green hair and pierced faces, etc. Our shaved heads, our steel capped boots. Five or six of us against one scrawny little punk rocker. It was surely fun at the time. When I look back though, I kind of wish we had done it even more. I kind of wish I still had a �strength in numbers� thing happening. As it stands now, if someone were to start a fight with me, I would most likely kick them between the legs over and over and run away. I think people who fight are ridiculous human beings, one guy and one guy is just silly to me. A group of people kicking someone on the ground, as much as I would never do that again, it makes more sense to me. I�ve always championed this method, because unlike the movies, it works.

This morning on the news they said around 25% of American adults read at the 8th grade level.

I found a way to cheat on my taxes this year. I got a chart with some amounts you can put down for charity, and amounts that are low enough that the government won�t bug you, but high enough that you don�t have to pay anything. Perhaps I can break even, as I still owe them for 99�, 00�, and 01�. The Republicans, woo hoo.

It�s a bit scary when you are driving at night and you see someone coming out of an ATM machine in the dark, and you actually consider driving over and robbing the innocent person. Well, it�s not scary, it�s funny.

Go fuck yourself, twice.

I have not been watching much television in the traditional sense, as I don�t watch any prime time stuff, and I never really have. Is it bad of me that I have never seen The Wonder Years, or News Radio, or CSI, or any of these shows people talk up? I was out eating pussy while everyone else was home at 8pm with popcorn and fruit punch hanging with the family.

The band may have a gig in April, on the 9th. Ten days before Hitler�s birthday. Perhaps to turn some heads, and play the devils advocate we can learn Happy Birthday just to see what people do.

Yesterday I thought of that when I went to the movies. That film The Pianist was playing, on my way home I wondered what would have happened if I ran into that theatre dressed as a clown, spraying silly string and letting balloons go up in the air singing, etc. When I got tackled and beat down by the movie goers, I could say �Oh, I�m sorry, I thought this was the theatre with Harry Potter, we have a birthday party there today�.

I could kill every friend of mine, and every member of my family and I wouldn�t feel bad. This is how fucking emotionless I am on March 3, 2003.

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