Oh Joy!
2003-03-03 || the man with no legs on the floor over there
Soundtrack � Talking Heads � Remain in Light

I have been addicted to this CD for a few weeks now.

This weekend was a little full. Last night we had a surprise visit from Shane, who lives up in New Hampshire now. We ended up taking him and his girlfriend to the local bar down the street, and met up with some others there. My day long headache went away, so I was able to have a couple of beers anyway.

Today I decided I wasn�t going to rot in the house all day, so I decided to go to the movies. Only one movie was playing at the cheap theatre in my desired time slot though, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I decided to do it though. In the middle of the rainy afternoon, I arrived by myself at the theatre, ready to pay my $4.50 to see wizards and fucking creatures and shit. I figured I could hang for two hours and forty minutes. I was correct. The movie kept me entertained for the majority of it, the story obviously wasn�t hard to follow, and the special effects were pretty good. The best part of the whole experience though was the children in the audience. I forgot that children can�t sit for three hours in a movie theatre, so every�.ten minutes or so a kid would start talking out loud to his parent or whoever, or walking up and down the aisles, etc.

Once the movie seemed over, I rushed out into the lobby, and saw lots of somber, Jewish looking people. I was glad I didn�t go see the Pianist actually. I wanted a little escapism for the afternoon, I don�t need to be reminded that millions of people have died. Not when it�s raining, and I�m possibly under the influence of something.

This week, I get paid finally, and I will hopefully pay for the rest of the cell phone bill, buy a new cell phone, pay my car payment, my rent, and have�absolutely nothing until March 19th. I love it. Sometimes, I just want to hug Jesus for giving me such a wonderful life. There is water underground.

If I had a gun, I�d be richer�hmmm. We have a new neighbor in the complex now. Apparently he is an undercover policeman. Currently, he has a cab he drives. When I went out to the movies today, it was parked next to me and I looked inside. There were some scraps of paper on the seat with phone numbers. I thought it would be funny to jot the numbers down myself and maybe call the numbers. Perhaps they are his contacts, or his cop buddies that are also on this big case. I was thinking I could call the number from a pay phone and say �it�s all set, do it now�. Just to see what happens. That would be kind of funny if I did do that, and all of a sudden they burst through my door�.and found my bong with the �straight edge for life� sticker on it. That�s about all they would find in here�and a sword that could possibly be illegal. I was assured all of the women on my hard drive were 18.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, sits down at a Jay-Z concert.

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