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2003-02-28 || my favorite Great White moment versus my inability to play air flute
Soundtrack � The Saddam Hussein Jazz Septet � Live Hard Bop in Baghdad!

So reading about all of the finger pointing going on in the news regarding the fire that killed 96 people in neighboring Rhode Island last week, I have come up with the actual group of people we need to blame for this tragedy. The band Nirvana. Sure, one of them is dead, so we can�t do much, but�if they hadn�t have came along and had their big hit back in 1991, and put hair metal to rest temporarily, these bands like Great White, Night Ranger, etc. wouldn�t have to play these tiny clubs. They would still be on top, and playing arena�s where they could light gigantic pyrotechnical stage props.

I had a chance to see Great White when I was 16 years old. The year was 1985, and they were opening for Judas Priest at the Worcester Centrum (where I was this week as well), in beautiful downtown Worcester, Massachusetts. I found the ticket stub recently, and the show was exactly two weeks after I lost my virginity to Denise, my high school girlfriend. (Denise broke up with me when she started going to college, and I was still in high school. She started seeing this guy Dave. He was older, had a car, and was evidently cooler than me�until�I ran into Denise months after we broke up. We started seeing each other again, Dave had no idea though. I finally, uncomfortably, met Dave at a party we were all at. I knew I �won� when Dave showed up at the party with this mullet, a tight t-shirt that had a tuxedo pattern on it [remember those fucking shirts?], and at one point, he was playing air flute to the Jethro Tull that was playing on the stereo. I was a wise ass punk rocker, so I of course thought this guy was a fucking tool immediately. We went on seeing each other while she was seeing Dave, for the mere fact that I wanted to fuck this guy with the mullet and the tuxedo shirt and the ability to play air flute pretty damn well�s girlfriend. Plus, I was 18 years old, who doesn�t want to fuck anything that moves when they are 18, regardless of them breaking your heart or not. This was my second situation dealing with a girl fucking me over somehow. Instead of going on a life�s crusade to tell the world how painful heartache is, and how girls are evil and the usual bullshit, I decided to not be broken again. It�s worked well over the years. I can�t say I �expect� it now as that would be unfair to anyone I am involved in. But, I am always ready at, and have been for years now. It would be foolish to say �I can�t have my heart broken�, but I can say �sorry, you didn�t win� as much as possible when I have to.) Great White were the opener. Back then, if you weren�t Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, or Judas Priest you were looked at as sophomoric, or unimportant. I remember hating Great White at that show because I wanted to see Judas �the singer is not gay man, fuck you!� Priest, so we booed Great White. That is my one Great White story. Once they got more popular in the later part of the eighties (it�s funny that people say �80�s metal�, when that whole 80�s metal thing was actually around 1988-1991, at least the bands people talk about when they say �80�s metal� I don�t think of Judas Priest as 80�s metal, as they were better in the 70�s. Someone like Warrant, Skid Row, Winger and those bands, those were the bands taking the rock thing to what is now known as 80�s metal. When I think of 80�s music, I hardly think of metal at all. Maybe because I was paying more attention to punk rock, and alternative crap instead�or maybe because I could care less what was happening in the main stream at that time. Great White�s hit song, the cover of �Once Bitten, Twice Shy� came out in 1989, hardly �80�s� in my opinion.

Is there a reason that it is generally the busiest day of the month today at my work, and I�m writing about Great White right now?

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