Oh Joy!
2003-02-27 || You changed your name from Brown to Jones, and mine from Brown to Blue
Soundtrack � Elvis Costello � Almost Blue

This is one of my favorite records by this gentleman. Everyone should own it, even if it�s all cover songs.

Last night I saw Phish for the 73rd time since 1990. Why would a man with a Black Flag tattoo, and a mouth like Andrew Dice Clay crossed with David Duke go see Phish 73 times? Because, now mind your own business.

I left work a little early and drove out to Worcester by myself. As usual, the sun was shining on the Mass Pike causing brief slowdowns from time to time, but I managed to make it there in an hour. I avoided my first giant line of traffic when I got to the city which is generally a big fucking mess with rush hour people, and crowds of people going to the show. I wasn�t up for paying $20 for parking, and even though it was very fucking cold, I parked far away in a free lot after driving around for a while.

Wookies (hippies with dreadlocks and beards- a term coined by short haired Phish fans with jobs a while ago : )) were in full effect all over the place, and as usual I got aggravated with the annoying crowd. I have a love/hate relationship with this scene. I don�t hate hippies, and I think anyone who says that is a fucking moron, but I find people who make getting fucked up a way of life annoying in general. With that said we immediately started on the Opium as the lights went down. I found my friends at our seats (which were right at the front of a balcony, so we had nobody standing in front of us) pretty easily. The show was great as usual, not the best show I�ve seen, but it was my first since New Years Eve, and it was also significant as it was the first New England show since their hiatus in 2000. At the start of the 2nd half, we made bets on what they would open with. $10 got you in the pool, and with 6 of us, you would have won $60, or $50 really. None of us won, and we all got our money back. These are the things grown men do at Phish concerts.

I had to drive back alone as well, which was fine with me. I like driving by myself a million times better anyway. I got to pick all the music, and my occasional swerving only made me nervous. I cut another 2 mile long traffic jam off by driving alongside it and then sneaking in at the beginning. Oh how I fucking hate when people do that to me. I wasn�t one to be patient last night though thanks.

Today my head is a bit cloudy, and my eyes are stinging.

They are lowering the terror alert to �yellow�. Does this mean that North Korea may attack us? Was that racist of me to say that? Sorry. Doesn�t anyone have a sense of humor anymore?



The best part of the morning is at 5:30 AM. The best part of the morning is sun coming into the hot bedroom a little while later and you roll over and your bed is empty. Any nightmare you may have had was all real. Any dream you had was not real. There were times when I lay there in the morning wondering if I should kill the person next to me. Not because I wanted to but to see if I could step over into there.

(when I drive home at night, I drive past the Jell-o factory, and you can smell grape in the air, it is very pleasant)

The best part of the evening is at 5:30 AM. The best part of the morning is the sound of nothing coming into the hot bedroom while you roll over and tangled sheets on your empty bed capture your feet. Any nightmare you had was just that, a nightmare, any dream you had was there, you could reach over and touch it. There were times when I would fall asleep and watch her breathe. She was silent, and stunning even in her sleep. My dreams were quite real, and my reality was even more.

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