Oh Joy!
2003-02-28 || the snowfield to my immediate right
Soundtrack � Bombay the Hard Way � Guns, Cars, and Sitars

So thanks to a little bit of luck, I ran into some money today. So, I needed to obviously spend it. In the end I didn�t spend any of it. Okay, I spent $10 on a film with James Garner and Steve McQueen called the Great Escape, which I somehow have never seen. So I made my way up to the local record chain around here that nowadays isn�t such a �wicked good time�, especially in light of the music they constantly assault you with when you go in there. I was in and out of there quicker than the first time I had sex. My next stop was Best Buy. By now I�m like a zombie. The workday today consisted of me doing a little work here and there, and then zoning off here and there. Even the 4 shots of espresso in my after lunch beverage couldn�t help me.

I walk into Best Buy, and as usual I�m greeted immediately upon entering. I start walking around the DVD section and have my hands in my pullover sweatshirt. I feel something gooey in there. I generally wouldn�t pick my nose, and then put it in my pocket. So I pull my hand out to see this black thing. I bring it to my nose and�opium. Hmmm. I didn�t own any last night. I had some, a lot of it actually, but I didn�t buy any as far as I can remember. I then remembered I put the pipe in my pocket at one point to avoid being seen by the people with headsets and flashlights, so it must have fallen off. Good for me. I realize I don�t want to put it back in there and get lint all over it, as it already looks kind of odd. I then got self conscious that the camera�s that are watching me are probably looking at me wondering what I just pulled out of my pocket to smell. I decided to carry it around Best Buy with me instead. So I carried this little piece of opium around Best Buy, looking at DVD�s of Grease, and Legally Blonde, and things like that, you know classic film. Heh. I start to realize that if I am going to buy anything, it is going to be tough dealing with my wallet, my purchase and this gooey piece of opium in my hand. So I leave.

Upon reaching the car, I break off a piece and smoke it. I�m driving down the road a little while later and there is a giant open field, completely white with snow to my immediate right. As I am driving I see what first appears to be a rock or a trash bag, and then turns into what I think is a human being on the ground in the snow, dressed in black. Perhaps someone got lost on the way home from Man Ray in Cambridge? (Man Ray is THE �goth� bar in the Boston area) I play some scenarios out in my head. He got hit by a car and flew into the field of snow to my immediate right. He is homeless, and is sleeping there, in that field of snow to my immediate right. It�s a �she� not a �he�. It�s not a person, it�s drugs. It�s drugs on the ground out there in the snow field to my immediate right. (today for some reason, I thought of that girl Linda that worked at Starbucks for a while when I used to hang there. She was about 3 feet tall, and looked like Pink. This is what I thought of when I first knew of Pink, as Linda was a few years ago. She started hanging in our circle of friends for some reason, and lived with her boyfriend who was this gigantic football player looking biker guy that used to abuse her verbally anyway, not sure if there was physical abuse. One night, I didn�t have a drink for 2 years or so, and they were all going to the bar, and she said, �you should go� in an excited manner. I took this as some sort of sign that she was interested in me, and went, got very drunk, and at one point in the night, around 1:30 AM I had the brilliant idea that we drive to Atlantic City�it was only about�.7 hours from Boston�maybe not, I�m guessing. A more sober, reasonable friend of mine talked me out of it, as it was a Saturday night, and we did have to work on Monday. Anyway, to make a story that has absolutely no point whatsoever, Linda stopped hanging out with us, after her boyfriend yelled at her for hanging with guys he didn�t know. This would be the last time I misread someone and then did something against my will to try and �impress� someone. What a waste)

I ended up at another video store, where I bought that Great Escape DVD in a haze of sorts, and came back here. In my kitchen, was a bakery box. Inside was a lone gingerbread man cookie. It wasn�t a gingerbread man though; it was a cookie of a leprechaun After years of struggling to be an individual. Tonight I reached a pinnacle. Tonight, I held the distinction of being quite possibly the only person in the world wearing a Def Leppard hat, on opium, eating a frosted leprechaun cookie, so fuck all y�all.

always eat the feet first, so you can watch the expression on their face

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