Oh Joy!
2003-02-24 || fly the kite over the children, now.
Soundtrack � James Brown � Hell

If I didn�t know any better I would think I was on drugs right now, as my eyes are bloodshot. I have been back on the 4-5 hours of sleep a night kick again. In the morning I don�t really like it, but once the day goes on I�m fine. I feel very relaxed all day, laid back, mellow, exhausted. While all of these other coked out fuckheads, or just people who talk a lot in general just slow down already?

Yesterday I went for a short jaunt to the CD store and found myself taking the most bizarre route one could take, and then, I ended up parking in this lot around the back of the building because I �didn�t want to deal with all the cars and pedestrians�, even though it was pouring rain. I would rather get soaking wet from the rain than I would want to deal with letting people cross in front of me, and letting cars drive around me, etc. Anyway I�m driving in the car and I see two teenagers walking down the street and I can see that the girl is talking very loud, and animated. I said out loud �shut the fuck up already�. Not out the window, and not even to them so they could see it, but either way I realized people just need to shut up sometimes, especially when they are all animated and loud with big teeth and sweatpants and ponytails.

***If you listen to fools, the mob rules.***

I did not pay attention to the Grammy�s last night as I didn�t really know who or what the hell was happening. Who is Norah Jones, besides the daughter of of Ravi Shankar? Not that there is any relevancy to the whole event anyway. Someone should shoot Eminem in the face, not because he�s controversial, etc. Because he�s not controversial, etc. in the least bit, he�s a fucking joke.

So yesterday in the Boston newspaper, there was a �short news in brief� thing on the impending end of the world in 56 years or so from Sir Isaac Newton. This is a small little news piece. We are all going to die, (well, I�m going to die within 5 years of right now I can feel it, and I�m trying to as well) and it gets a small little piece. Any person who has a baby now should be arrested. Abortion should be mandatory. Drive through abortions. Or a baby�s arm holding an apple.

I think once you can convince people that you are someone else, and then someone else, and then someone else, you have finally achieved success. I have no idea why I am not rich by now.

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