Oh Joy!
2003-02-15 || heroes and villains
Soundtrack � Bonnie �Prince� Billy � Master and Everyone

Already exhausted from being out Thursday, last night, and today all day. Supposed to go to a birthday dinner tonight, most likely will go. The room sure looks appealing right now though, and warm. Saw The Quiet American last night. I enjoyed it, and it sparked my interest to read more Graham Greene perhaps. I always enjoy Michael Caine, even if he was in that movie Blame it On Rio. Today Went to New Hampshire and bought cheaper cigarettes, as well as some CD�s like this currently playing one, a Willie Bobo CD, and something from Acid Mother Temple. Once I get my shit together, I am going to start in with the classical again. Right now I haven�t the mental energy to pay much attention to music. I buy these new records and they sort of float through my head for a few days, and then I lose interest. I want to concentrate on buying things I always wanted to get that are older and will have some kind of lasting impression on me. Am I really going to care about the first Get Up Kids record in another 25 years? If I keep smoking as much as I do I probably won�t be listening to anything in 25 years now that I think about it.

I need to shut this CD and listen to Smile by the Beach Boys instead, or rather this bootleg of it, since nobody really has a copy of it on CD since �it� doesn�t exist. Does it?

I�m gonna come back later, I want to LISTEN to this.

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