Oh Joy!
2003-02-14 || the tool of the man
Soundtrack � Bob Marley � Songs of Freedom

Don�t let the stoned guy find the parking space.

It was so fucking cold last night that I actually stole a jacket from a homeless man after I realized I hold more of an important position in the world than he did. It smelled, but kept me warm for the walk to the club, seeing as I parked way far away, and then got surprisingly lost for a brief 5 seconds on the way back walking through the Harvard campus. When I go to a club to see a show, I don�t like to be touched. I really don�t like when there is plenty of room and someone stands right in your space with their expensive beer. Drunk people are fucking weaklings, and should be fucked with at all times when you are on the straight and narrow. This fucking country loves drunk people. Drunk drivers seem to always get off with light sentences, and it�s not until they are let out of jail for the 6th time that they run over a nine-year old girl in front of a church that they finally realize these people should not be on the road. Why they can�t be responsible and just have a good beer or a few and stay in is beyond me. Personally, if they outlawed alcohol tomorrow I wouldn�t miss it one bit. This attitude gets stronger each time I go out in public and see drunk people. I would fuck Carry Nation, �She Hath Done What She Could�.

I COULD GO TO To sleep right fucking now. I thought of that game I bought last week. I should just realize that I don�t play games. I play for two days and lose interest. What a waste of money.

This jumble of acoustic songs in the middle of this CD is kind of annoying and unnecessary, don�t they know the acoustic guitar is the evil tool of the homosexual? What would Jah say to that?

The thick engorged cock is also the evil tool of the homosexual.

Listening to the radio this morning they were talking about how in India there are folks who destroy shops that sell Valentines Day stuff because it is against tradition. I�m sorry, but aside from the expensive cigarettes, and the lack of pornography on network television I am glad I live in this country. If people here think the religious right is bad, try living in the middle east, or any Muslim country and try doing half the things you do now. I say we bomb the human shield people, and then we take out Saddam, and then we come back here, and take out our leader from Texas. Would everyone shut up then I wonder?

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