Oh Joy!
2003-02-12 || the number of hoimosexu
Soundtrack � George Jones � Last Cup of Sorrow

Well it is sunny here for now, but it snowed yet again today. It�s not that I don�t like the cold weather, or the look of snow falling at night when it�s all quiet, but I am more nervous because the two front tires of my car are more bald than the Olsen Twins were seven years ago, and I don�t want to slide into a tree. Today I almost slid into a van. I would have killed to have that happen to me today. Insurance companies and auto body and men and women crying and cigarettes all day. What�s on the TV in the afternoon as a work missing motherfucker?

I just got wind of some information that is very scary. They say to avoid thinking of things is the best way to deal with things. The information has to do with everyone of us being killed by terrorists. I�ve decided at this point that I am not going to pay attention to the news anymore, I am not going to worry about it. Ignorance is bliss. I could care less what the politicians are going to do, or what is happening at this point. It�s not affecting me anymore. It�s not like I�m actually worried that Iraq is going to invade us or whatever, but what the fuck let the guys play with their big guns, I could give a shit less at this point if innocent people die there or here, whatever. I have music to listen to and play. I�m not a person who�s passionate about human rights or gay rights or anti-racism or whatever so why even bother having a minute interest in it. I�m not racist, I�m not homophobic, and I don�t hope that everyone dies, but I am not going to waste any more energy even thinking about it. Next subject please.

Devldevils and demons inside devlis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want angels and no devllies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111fuck the dmoomns demons demons demons fuck cunt fuck demons fuck shit ndeomn devils.

When I get home at night and si see tht a it is all quiet in the backyard I want to kill and maim and murned the dog of my neighbor. Speaking of that

Why do these cunts have to make people nervous and tell them that north kores a culd send a nuclear missile all over the wste coast of the nuinted statsaes of Americas? Why do these cocksukers do that. Io want to kill them the north Koreans and the geoegrbush cconglomerate

How many more times do they die and we ask no questions at the stand. You are all fucking poussi or someth

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