Oh Joy!
2003-02-10 || just got back from Tunisia
Soundtrack � Cecil Taylor � Jazz Advance

Still wondering why I was not born in 1940 and a teenager in the 50�s going to see the Bird and Dizzy and all of those guys. Instead I got to see musical �giants� like Kurt Cobain, etc.

So if all goes correctly, and I don�t get killed somehow, the second/third week of March I�ll be in the following states in one shape or form: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Oklahoma. All within a ten day period. I�m thinking of taking a little jaunt to Maine and New Hampshire perhaps the day before, and maybe we can drive to Delaware when we are in Philly just so I can say I was in 10 states in 10 days. Oh the vanity.

Home from work today. I�m more or less here to test this new software on the computer that lets me access my desktop at work from home. A cup of horribly made coffee, a bowl, and two Velvet Underground CD�s later I�m fucking around on the computer not paying much attention to the spread sheets I�m supposed to be analyzing and commenting on for my end of the month managers report. Whereas January was a bad month for us, I�m putting it off a little longer. I have about 40 hours to finish it. I had an intense 3 hour meeting with my boss on Friday for my yearly review which was good. We covered a lot of ground, and by the end of it we were poking fun at the union that works under us. How fun it is to be an evil manager. Right, that�s me.

The dichotomy of me buying marijuana from a 21 year old who plays Grand Theft Auto for 5 hours at a time 9 months after sitting in a living room drunk on expensive red wine listening to a yoga instructor do spoken word over free jazz with John Medeski sitting behind a coat rack playing a grand piano.

Just found this pic of Dan and I doing the rock and roll

before & after