Oh Joy!
2003-02-07 || I would like someone to kill me this weekend, I'll pay
Soundtrack � Love � Forever Changes

Snow all over the goddamned motherfucking cocksucking place again today. Enough already. I like it when it�s all over the ground, but not on the road. This kind of weather makes me want to go out and hug a homeless person�and take the bottle of Wild Turkey out of their back pocket for myself. Today, on my lunch break I am going to go out and �hug and mug�. I�m going to hug homeless people, and then take something from them.

We got a letter here yesterday to one of our artists, one of our biggest artists. It was from a guy who is obsessed with her, and he wrote this 6 page letter to her that says things like �I long to dip my pen of love into the ink of your heart� or something like that. I�m thinking you could have just said �I would like to insert my penis into your vagina, move around until I ejaculate and feel all tingly inside�. He put two photos of himself in there as well. How fucking humiliating can that be? We get so much mail from people that want to be signed to our label, and strange people who want to meet so and so and this and that. A word of advice for anyone who sends either a letter to a celebrity, it�s going to be read by some asshole like me, and then thrown in the barrel. Same thing for people sending demo tapes, cd�s etc, nobody wants to hear your shitty music, face it. I don�t anyway.

My interest in George Bush, and politics in general is fading fast. I feel like I never paid attention before, and I don�t vote, so why pay attention now? It�s frustrating to pay attention, or give a shit what these people are doing. Especially when there is so much excitement in my life anyway. They just announced we are at an �orange level�. I would advise anyone traveling to be extra careful, as you may be driven/flown into the side of a building. Me, I�m going to buy tickets for flights that I know have lots of extremist muslims flying on them. I want to see what it�s like on the plane when they hijack it and fly us all into the side of a building so that extremely hot jet fuel melts us all to what looks like chili. Perhaps the Prudential center, that building is uglier than Bjork with a penis. I want to be flown into the side of a building filled with blind retarded children. Jah and Allah know that this is the fate of the undesirables, so let it be. Whisper words of wisdom. I need to get so fucking killed this weekend that there is no chance of me coming back to life. With the ice, and some help of some alcohol I could probably make this happen. I am useless and ready to die at this point, seriously.

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