Oh Joy!
2003-02-06 || the concept of eating Mary Tyler Moore's pussy
Soundtrack � Wes Montgomery � Groovin�

Sit there with your tongue hanging out of your mouth, and your flaccid cock hanging out of your trousers, go ahead. The idea is to do an impression of a sloth. The idea is to do the impression of someone on some sort of sedative. I cannot for the life of me bring myself to ever take any drugs for anything other than recreation. I can�t imagine a pill not making me want to strangle people daily. I can�t imagine a pill making me forget my arm was cut off or whatever else ailment one could possibly suffer. Please, leave the pills and powders and drinks for the weaker ones, for now I�ll deal with it. I enjoy making better art like this. If I were on Prozac or something like that I would write songs like Sting or new U2. It works for some, but I think I�ll continue on this road, it�s only a few days a year anyway. When I�m ready to write poetry like that fucking half-wit Jimmy Stewart I�ll start taking drugs because I need them.

The men and women were like little fucking pussies with their needs. They�re all so fucking needy. Please shoot me in the face if I ever appear needy of companionship. They played their stupid games, yet they were all dressed up like tough guys, and the girls in the staple punk rock outfit. I enjoy not having a social life in any shape or form whatsoever right now. I never want to marry, as I have a short attention span when it comes to...what?

So I read a review of the Doors reunion thing. I think I may vomit. Ray Manzarek needs to be ended.

�immediately after making love, I called her mother and said �tina is done with her piano lesson, you can come by and get her��

There is a strip of road in West Virginia where I saw the same person walking twice in two years.

They still don�t pay any fucking attention. If you told them you needed to borrow ten dollars they would pay attention though, and they would say �no�. Most of what I know is useless knowledge, thankfully it was free. I called the college I went to a while back and asked if I still owed money. The woman said �no, it looks like you�re paid up�. I literally did not pay a dime when they started sending collection letters, and then the letters stopped at some time, and I made a phone call to say �thanks�. A friend of the family worked in the admissions office, and I think she may have wiped it out. I somehow got out of paying $3000 by ignoring letters. Here�s what I learned in college: That girl Jen in my music class has a nice ass, how to work a DJ board at the radio station, that there are girls in the world that think that Shirley Jackson�s �The Lottery� was about �greed, cause you know the people stoned the person because they won the money in the lottery and the townspeople were jealous�, how completely boring the history of places I have no desire to ever visit really is, how to eat pussy even better than I already knew.

At one point in my life I hung out with a guy that went to the gym all the time, he knew a guy there that was a cop (my friend is now a cop too), and the guy once told him that he wanted to �eat every pussy in the world�. Imagine if cops ate every pussy in the world. There was a group of a dozen cops that walked around with faces that looked like glazed donuts from eating every single pussy in the world. How good could a cop be at eating pussy anyway? That is enough of that thanks.

Last night I heard something fall in the living room, for a brief second I thought of a man coming in with a gun where I would have said �shoot me in the head, now�. I then wondered if while in bed if you get shot in the head if it would go through my head, through the pillows and bed. Maybe it would even go through the floor into Bill and Helen, of Bill and Helen downstairs apartment! My other thought was that it would bounce around in my head destroying my brain until I am just a vegetable bleeding to death all over my pillows. The last song I heard before fading off to sleep last night was �Ripple� by the Grateful Dead.

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