Oh Joy!
2003-02-02 || you think you're going to see your wife
Soundtrack � Gene Loves Jezebel � Discovery

Fuck I haven�t heard this record in a while. What the hell am I doing?

There was ice coming from the New England sky this evening. Dan and I attempted to go see a movie, and left the place 3 minutes later after we missed everything. It�s was just as the movie theatre closed, which is located in the shopping mall. There were hundreds of 100 pound teenage boys and girls waiting for rides with that disheveled look on their faces as if they just spent 19 hours in the mall filled with hormones. Not the best place to be where shortly before I made a very risky/public drug deal in a popular restaurant/bar in Salem. I was supposed to meet this new guy, I�ve never dealt with him directly. He said to meet him at this place. Meanwhile, it�s like 9pm, and there are tons of husband and wife pairs around the place, and Dan and I are looking like we don�t know if we�re coming or going. I spot my man coming in and he comes up to shake my hand, and very obviously hands me a bag of something. I shove it in my pocket, and look and there are a bunch of men eating and drinking around me in their forties with moustaches. This can only mean one thing: this place is a cop bar! We left and tried the movies, which turned out useless. Now, at 2:27AM EST I watch this Clark Gable western with the volume off waiting for the next thing to happen.

Someone typed in the following things and stumbled upon my lovely diary here:

Suck fuck pics kids

Women looking for men tonight

Women fucking (this is the one that gets me. Does someone out there not know how to find pornography on the internet that they type �women fucking�? Do they just want to see some plain looking woman having intercourse? Where�s the �Scalding hot screw juice covered teens XXX�, etc???)

Lizzie McGuire pussy

Wife fucking in woods

Classical musicians baseball caps (who is the asshole looking for this? �Honey, I want a Beethoven baseball hat, you know a hemp baseball hat with the Beethoven in script, and maybe a silhouette of him. You know, something I can wear to the cookouts we go to all the time! Yeah, a Beethoven baseball cap! Beethoven Rocks! He�s Awesome! Yeah! Fuck!�)

Incest pussies

I got the dsl thing on Friday for the new computer. Wow, I feel like a new man now. Now if I can get my cell phone turned back on, I will be real excited.

Played Dan the DVD of Donnie Darko today, he enjoyed it. I have downloaded so much goddamned hippie music in the past 27 hours or so with this thing, I�ll have enough to last me lots of acid�if I did acid.

It�s fairly possible that I could be the only person in the world listening to this Gene Loves Jezebel record right now. I am going to start pulling the vinyl out again, as it stands, there are CD�s stacked on the turntable right now. This afternoon I had a sudden urge to hear the Alarm. That can�t be a good thing, not necessarily a bad thing, but� Again, I could have been the only person in the entire world at that moment that wanted to come on down and make a stand. That movie really forces Tears for Fears down your throat, delightfully though. This will be the first and last time I ever use the word �delightfully� in any context.

Tomorrow, I�ll be awake, they will see.

I don't want to die coming back from space going 12,500 miles an hour, please...what an awful thing that was...

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