Oh Joy!
2003-01-31 || Lori and Roger-Norman, 1981
Soundtrack � harley Davidson mtorycles!

I set the alarm for 7:00, I didn�t hear the alarm until 9:13 though. I can�t believe I�ve turned into one of these people that sleeps through their alarm. I�ve always hated sleeping, chalking it us as �boring�. I can�t understand the concept of sleeping until 3pm, etc. The past year though, I�ve been sleeping through the alarm, and on the weekends waking up at 11. I used to wake up at 9 or so.

I will throw the fucking television across the room when it tells me that I can�t eat pussy.

So this weekend, I am going to buy a gun. No I�m not. I wouldn�t look at a gun. One time, I went into a Wal-Mart, because some friends and I were going to wire the building with explosives and blow it up �for the cause�, and we went in just to see how the building was built, and to look for some crucial beams, etc. At the time, I was a heavy PCP user, and I would do anything. No I wasn�t, I�ve never used PCP. The heaviest drug I�ve ever used is Opium, which I still would use if someone had it, or I knew where to get it. I�ve never swallowed any kind of pills, painkillers, etc. I�ve never snorted anything, and I certainly haven�t shot anything up. No acid, not even mushrooms. Give me the opium and the thc though. There is a guy that goes to the club to see the band that we go see, he was there last night, and he snorts OxyContin. He is a lawyer, he is a lawyer that snorts OxyContin. What the fuck? I have had too many friends turn into complete losers because of snorting things in their noses, and my parents were big cokeheads in the glitter and glamour of the music business in the 70�s. So why would I want to repeat that? �cokehead� is recognized by Spell check, how funny. I would like to steal someone�s stash of cocaine and flush it down the toilet. I would never hit a woman, but I would hit a woman if she were married to me and turned into a cokehead. I like the word cokehead. Say it out loud with me �cokehead�. This sentence: �Dude, that chick is a total cokehead, she sucked off nine dudes one night�. Speaking of lines like that I overheard this sentence in the bar last night �She is a 17 year old sex monster�. I�m thinking, well where the fuck is she? Let�s get her down here and see how much of a fucking MONSTER she is. 17 years old, is that legal to at least watch. If one is considered a monster, that could mean 2 things: She is completely ugly and scary and has acne all over her breasts, and a moustache. Or, she acts like a monster, she yells and scares people. I just want to know. I would like to know now. I don�t talk to the cocainers anymore, just as I don�t talk to any of the 17 year old sex monsters. I don�t like that the people touch and are touchy feely and happy. Well, I like when people are happy, as I am always happy. Regardless of what anyone would think by reading this or the other one I write in. Wait, wasn�t I in Wal-Mart? Anyway, I don�t think a day goes by that I don�t thank the almighty Jesus for giving me such a wonderful life filled with opportunity. I had a ninja in the backyard last night when I got home late. It is so nice and quiet when I come home near the 3AM mark on the clock. �well, it�s either 3 o�clock or mickey has a hard-on�. I was in Wal-Mart to blow it up once. I was going to wire the building and make sure the corporate scumfucks paid the price that I was willing to spend. I wired the whole building to blow up at a Wal-Mart from an undisclosed location to blow up. I�m in there, and they have guns, and I go to the counter. There is a young girl there working it (red hair, about 19, with a gold necklace and charm that says �Princess�) I say to her

�I would like to buy a rifle, I just got out�

�Excuse me?�

�I just got out of the hospital, and I need a rifle to take care of some shit�

�Let me get my manager�

I then left. I don�t want any managers getting in my way. I am a manager, and I know how we are. I snuck out the back exit and met up with the people

I�m actually not supposed to talk about this

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