Oh Joy!
2003-01-30 || Mary and Paulie-1965, Pasadena
Soundtrack � the Beach Boys � Smile

Rehearsal cancelled at the last minute tonight, Dan and I went to spend some gift certificates and smoke crack cocaine. I bought a movie I already owned (�X � the Man with the X-Ray Eyes�). I kind of need a haircut, and maybe shave this facial hair off finally. I am the most boring human being in the entire world, next to Ted Danson, or anyone from the television show Cheers for that matter. Who are the assholes that liked that show anyway, bring them to me.

Today, I did this:

Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 12:19:36

From: "charles christianson" [email protected]

Subject: I want to help

To: [email protected]


I found your website recently and loved it. I am sickened every day when I read about these death doctors and their sick practices. Any help you need, let me know. Please sing me up for any mailing list you may have, I live in the Boston area and am a soldier of God willing to help the cause.

-Charles Christianson

this website is one of the most disgusting websites I have ever had the displeasure of stumbling upon. It is this ultra religious, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, pro-life website. They have pictures of bombed abortion clinics, and talk about guys like Paul Hill as heroes. Here are some quotes from the website:

�If James Kopp actually shot baby killer Slepian- he did NOT violate the sixth commandment "Thou shall not Murder." or "kill" as the intent was to *prevent* future innocent humans from imminent death.. The word "kill" (ratsach) in the Sixth Commandment is never used in the context that stopped abortionist Slepian from killing additional innocent humans.�

�The United Way refuses money to the Boy Scouts because the Boy Scouts

will not let homosexual sex perverts become Scout Masters and take your

children out to the woods and molest them.�

��Pro-life� women using an oral contraceptive

are committing abortions themselves on a frequent basis. �

Anyway, I want to fuck with these people just for the hell of it. Hopefully they will write back, and after a few exchanges I can then start acting �weird�. I�m usually pretty good at that. Perhaps I can send them this joke:

What�s the worst part about getting a blow job from Jesus?

Getting poked in the stomach from the crown of thorns.

I�m dog tired

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