Oh Joy!
2003-01-23 || Nicki and Marcus-1985, Ft. Lauderdale
Soundtrack � John Zorn - Masada Guitars

Spent the night working on the website for my band

I obviously don�t do web design, but unless somebody gives the band a million dollars tomorrow, this is what you get. Scanzilla is in that band, how's that?

A long fucking day indeed. Tonight, instead of rehearsal, � of us went to the record shop where I carelessly blew money on this current CD, as well as a Camper Van Beethoven box set, and the new Sea and the Cake, oh and a Brian Eno/David Byrne CD, and more cigarettes, and that is all. Hopefully the DSL shit will arrive this weekend, so I can have something productive to do�which will then lead to more productive stuff�faster.

I haven�t the faintest idea of what to say.

Check out that website

(left to right: aarne, breaux, me, dan)

before & after