Oh Joy!
2003-01-22 || Kim and Jake-1977, Tarzana
Soundtrack � Galaxie 500 � This is Our Music

Has anyone ever listened to this band and not wanted to put a shotgun in their mouth? For the taste that is.

Arriving in the office this morning, we find out that the heat is broken. It is 47 degrees in the office. We were all moved to another building, as the heating repair guys were apparently all out sick. It was fine being at a different desk today. Not as fine as the wine presumably drank by Sting every New Years Eve though. I wonder if a guy like that gets up way early in the morning, when I am rolling the last joint, and goes out in the backyard to drink a glass of fucking wheat juice or something. These are the things that keep me awake at night when I don�t want to think of things like death, train wrecks, god, etc.

We are up for raises this month, us bosses. Seeing as they say the music business is doing awful right now, who knows what will happen. We seem to be doing well anyway, even if we sell music to hicks, etc.

Now playing Pixies � Surfer Rosa, this makes me happier

Listening to Galaxie 500, even though it�s now been�11 years�yikes�reminds me of dating this girl Tara, not the one I would eventually date for 4 year, the first one. We would listen to this and go to sleep. She was crazy or something, and my friends younger sister (by two years) to boot. That was an odd, short lived situation that eventually ended up with her dating my best friend a week after she �needed to be free�. One would think even under the most positive experiences in life, Galaxie 500 would still fill one with melancholy.

I ordered the DSL for the computer which I should hopefully have in a week or so. After that, a camera so I can show the public my shotguns and crack pipes.

A girl who looks like that Erkel kid on my tv right now, Black Francis says �hold my bones�

This Pixies CD reminds me of 1990 and that whole time�okay enough stories of youth, boring. Although, I will write about that to myself later I think. I remember learning of: Dead Can Dance, hanging out with gay men for the first time, the Pixies, Edward Gorey, and Opium. The rest is all of a blur. One of the gay men didn�t want me to know he was gay because he thought I would beat him up. Right, that�s just like me.

I had a fight when I was 14, that was a lot of years ago, because of a thrown ball in gym class. The whole �meet you after school� thing happened. I had my Iron Maiden shirt on, long fucking hair, and complexion that made Manuel Noriega look like Rebecca Gayheart. We had the fight, and then I felt like an idiot. Well, ten years later I did. So probably ten years later, maybe more, I started seeing this kid I fought around, he had about 5 inches on me now (height that is), and this hot girlfriend. At the time I think I had been single for over two years and was spending my time reading Bukowski, Algren, Miller, etc trying to be a real man apparently. I would see them from time to time in the coffee shop I would read in with my button up sweater and wingtips brooding for no reason whatsoever. He started coming in alone after a couple of years of seeing them together. Then I saw it, I was sitting in there and saw outside the window, it was her getting out of some other guys car laughing and flirting with him. Poor Tom, 10 years previous I had beaten him up with my heavy metal friends cheering me on, and now he was having lonely caramel frapuccino�s while his girl gallivanted about with this new fool with the sports car. I never mean to ruin peoples lives. Maybe he cheated on her. Maybe she threw a ball into his court and he took it and then they threw it back and forth to each other eventually planning to �Settle it outside�.

Maybe I should go to sleep

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