Oh Joy!
2003-01-21 || Joyce and Keller-1983, Lowell
Soundtrack � anything by Limp Bizkit/Elvis Presley � Live in Hawaii

During the 72 hours of weekend I was so kindly allotted ending tomorrow morning, when I get to work, I was breathing air from the outside of my house for maybe 3 hours of it. Today I discovered something that I can do. Say I had a friend named Stanley, and then I also had a friend named Scarlet, I could talk to both of them, or I could talk to one of them, while one of they talk amongst themselves, yet I�m talking to one of them. There is a small hole in time that one can enter, where you are on a different time pattern than the rest of existence. I didn�t do this over the long weekend, but I figured out how to do it. I don�t have a friend named Stanley, nor do I have any

-fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck akd a08!!!!!!!!!-

yet when I drive on the road now, I feel a little bit more relaxed. I never took Ritalin today, I never took. Well, right before logging on to write this, I drank almost a whole bottle of Robitussin. Fuck Frasier and that TV show, what the Christ?

I like the warmth in the house, tomorrow a man with a moustache and a tie told me that it would be zero degrees. Why even use the word degrees then? It will be nothing young man and you will like it.

If ever a time came where one could question their belief in god it would be upon watching this show tonight on white power people from all over and this 18 year old klan kid getting married. They really think that there is going to be this big uprising and that we need to protect ourselves. The fact that these morons just keep using the first amendment argument, I think we should just say �you know what, you don�t have any rights, because you�re a moron, and your wife looks like fucking Gene Wilder on Quaaludes.�. I watched this show tonight on the Sundance channel, and I can�t imagine any kind of god letting these people exist without just striking them down immediately the first time they use the word ni-

Although there are talking snakes, and unicorns, so�who�s to say

Whoa, that unicorn is going fucking nuts, it�s going very fast, that unicorn is. I bet that unicorn is on a mission to get some shit done. I wrote a poem sitting here filled with cough medicine about this unicorn:

Oh mighty and quick unicorn

Where do you go?

Through the rainbow filled worlds of Naptharisinilia?

Through the clouds to the heavens to speak with Christ?

Oh mighty and quick unicorn

As you ride through the Jim Morrison poetry filled heavens of Serpentwood

You kick up a storm of mighty powerful mud

And dust of psychedelic mushroom dust from the lungs of white angels

Living on clouds of shattered memories.

Oh mighty and quick unicorn, ride off into the night sky.

I have not, for one minute paid attention to George Bush in the past week and a half, for all I know, he could be dead. I see his name on the news and I quickly look away. Not because I despise the man, but because I don�t give a fuck about him. However, I do try and catch as many episodes of Boy Meets World I can a week.

Being high on marijuana, fresh. One does not want to enter the world of the supermarket. The bathroom is close, upon leaving, I hold the door open for a very short man. He waves me out and says jokingly �You�re a lot bigger than me, so I�m not gonna argue with you!� I exit and think to myself �yeah, and for 20 bucks I�ll brush your teeth with it in one of those stalls.�

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