Oh Joy!
2003-01-20 || Arlene and Frank-1955, Chicago
Soundtrack � The S

Thank god black people weren�t allowed to vote at one time in this country. If they had been allowed to vote, etc. We wouldn�t have needed great men like Martin Luther King Jr. to give me a day off from work tomorrow. See--

That kangaroo movie was the number one movie at the box office this weekend. This is what happened while I

I haven�t stepped outside since yesterday afternoon when I got the mail at 2 in the afternoon. My head is sick right now, my back is killing and I am ready to not go to work yet again tomorrow.

-I owe too many places money right now-

The apathy grows by day. It returns the more I flip through the newspaper and see pictures of this man and that man in a suit and a woman and a podium. I feel like I don�t really care what is going on at this point. The innocents die, there�s nothing I can do right now, I need to finish writing this song, or finish writing this story. That sick little boy, he�s coming over tomorrow for charity that you NEED to give him, be nice.

I haven�t time for it sorry.

Yes you do.

I�m just gonna

I can�t imagine wasting much energy on talking about how much I dislike a musical genre, band, political belief or anything without feeling like a complete fucking loser. It�s funny how once it�s socially acceptable to talk shit about something, once we get enough people talking about it/them, we then can justify ourselves. Why not just say an unpopular opinion instead of a clich�d tired one? I ignore any kind of labels, or types of people like the plague. This has helped me avoid any sort of generalizations like �I hate art people�, �I hate crippled women who watch Wild on E!�, etc.

I wouldn�t fuck that pussy again if it were free.

Oh, I went to the book store yesterday, what a gun fight in my head I have. They all keeled over and I made my way up to the music section where some yuppie

Meg Ryan once asked me what I wanted to sa-

I will never use drugs again, or better yet, I will never bow to that devil again. Once in 2002 I bowed to the devil and lost any kind of�what?



I KKIlled devils!!


A devil

I can�twatch that movie Ghost World without wanting to pucnh that chick with the glasses in the fucking godamned face with banana I mean throw a banana cream pie at her and run away giggling like elves.

Once we left high school it all ended, the vandalism. Innocent people who did nothing but make money and try to raise families. We would have none of that. Smashing. Painting. Slicing. Cracking. Wonce how do you spell Once I mean, when I got, out, of high school, like years, later we drove a car and smashed windows. One night, I threw a piece of a tombstone through the back window of a jaguar on Marblehead Neck, in beautiful Marblehead, MA Known as the "birthplace of the American Navy," Marblehead boasts many points of interest. During the day you can experience Marblehead's history and architecture and browse our various shops and galleries. As the evening settles in, enjoy an evening of Fine Dining at one of over 20 restaurants and then retire to one of over 35 Bed and Breakfasts.

If you plan to come for one of our seasonal events, like the Festival of Arts, remember to make your reservations early as many places fill up quickly. They were rich there, so why not do that? I have no regrets except for not trying harder to get into the pants of that girl Jennifer. Who cares what you and your long well shampooed fucking hair has to think? shoot-

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