Oh Joy!
2003-01-17 || Jodie and Raoul-2003, Midwest City
soundtrack � sugarcubes � life�s too good

in work not actually doing any work yet though. I like that I don�t work until 10AM everyday. The last time I heard this CD I was in btchcelicioushes-howeverthefuckyouspellit�s car. Perhaps it was a cassette though, people in New Jerseygenerally are a few years behind people �up North� in Boston.

I am so fucking hungry right now I could eat paste.

Reading the diaries that speak TO people sometimes make me cower now. I guess I still do that sometimes, but for the most part, I would like to think that nobody is paying much attention anyway. Unless I had some ongoing thing I was talking about, and I had some sort of cult of freaks I would use the word �You�, more often. I think yesterday was the first time I addressed the mostly anonymous faces that read this, in jest of course. I assume nobody knows a thing about what I�m doing, even if I do put too many details in here sometimes.

A woman in my office just told me of a story of a big dog she is taking care of, and how it is big and drools and chews everything, etc. The dog weighs 82 pounds. If a dog like that lived in my house I would eat the dog for lunch. I don�t like dogs much anyway, and big gross ones that smell like homeless people are no fun! Homeless people are no fun! I am going to start a movement of people against homeless people! Called P.H.U.C.K (Put Homeless Under Christian�s Kontrol). I will take all of the homeless people in the world and I will make them do things like alphabetize my CD�s from time to time, cook me dinner, and use my shower to clean themselves because they all smell. If they fail to comply to these things, I will have them killed, or put to work at Wal-Mart. I am going to go on the record and say I absolutely hate homeless people, and think it�s their fault that they are homeless, and because of that they are no good. heh. This is exactly what I think. Perhaps David Dinkins could help me out with this.

A couple of different people in my life have birds in their life, or want a bird in their life. If you want a bird, you can have one. I would like to see a bird every once and a while, and assume the chirping could be peaceful in a way, but I also want a 16 year old Cambodian prostitute (male of female), but I�m not about to get one. I admire people patient enough to own a bird.

If you search Google Images for �Art Garfunkel�, you eventually see a picture of me playing guitar and singing. Heh. I�m all red.

Today as well. This will suffice as a jacket, thanks asshole.

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