Oh Joy!
2003-01-16 || Barbara and Ned-1940, Plymouth
Soundtrack � John Coltrane � Like Sonny

Just got back from getting the car fixed, I must have watched 3 hours of television in the waiting room there. Some girl with nice tits kissed Bob Barker. They had some show on there hosted by Danny Boneduce or however you spell it. He was talking about his wife, if you ask me that guy is as queer as a football bat. Anyway, he doesn�t need to be on the TV does he? They did some makeovers and the way they talk on those morning talk shows is so surreal, it�s like they are being fed some drug that gives them a constant orgasm for 60 minutes. Sort of how it would feel if I fucked you, the reader, in the ass.

I called work a few minutes ago and said �I�m still waiting for the car to be fixed�. I lied.

I am going to hang around the house and listen to vinyl records (12� slabs that play music, �replaced� by CD�s in the 80�s for some reason) and finish working on some writing and that kind of thing.

In the shower this morning, I realized I�ve never had my penis inside of a Jewish person. Literally anyway.

I need to get the fuck out of here.

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