Oh Joy!
2003-01-16 || Kelly and George-2003, Omaha
Soundtrack � Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra � 1939-1941

I think I like Teddy better than Art Tatum, but that isn�t going to mean anything to anyone, is it? How presumptuous of me. Eh. Here�s a question rarely posed. If one were stuck on a desert island, and only had one genre of music to listen to, what would it be? (obviously, these kinds of questions are kind of silly, as if you plan on getting stuck on a desert island, what the fuck would you have a �genre of music� with you? And just what the fuck is a �desert island� anyway?) My genre would be this swing jazz from the 30�s and 40�s. Anyway, who gives a fuck about that?

I am exhausted and have to wake up early tomorrow and get a battery for the car. I got it recharged before leaving work tonight, and barely made it home as shit got dim every time you did something that drew from the battery. I remember pushing the cigarette lighter in and then freaking out that I was going to stall in the middle of the highway. Didn�t happen.

Tomorrow night I�m going to see the band that plays every other Thursday in Cambridge. Tomorrow night will be great as my friend Brahim is sitting in with them. He is one of the sweetest, down to earth guys I know. I met him last year when we drove him home from a gig out in Western, MA. He�s from Morocco, and has played with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Medeski, Martin, and Wood, Morphine, and many others. He always has time to chat when I see him, and I look forward to chatting up with him. Here he is:

These gigs usually go from 10PM-2AM, although I might jet early as it always kills me to get home at 3, and wake up at 7. Yuck.

Hello, I am boring.


here's a pic from the photo shoot of the band the other night...shit do i look like a geek

(left to right; me, aarne, danzilla, breaux)

before & after