Oh Joy!
2003-01-15 || Susan and Benjamin-1993, Montgomery
soundtrack � sausage � riddles are abound tonight

The battery on the car was dead this morning. I got it started with a portable jump starting mechanism that I have. Now, I just went to start it again and it�s not doing anything. Mothergodamnedfuckingcocksuckingmotherfucker. I have 4 dollars until next Wednesday, and barely a tank of gas, so if I do get it started, I can�t stop to get gas as I don�t want it to not start again. There is a couch in this office, no television set though.

Toasting. I don�t enjoy it, I don�t hate it, I don�t enjoy it though, and don�t really understand it much.

Missed my time limit to call some people back and e-mail some people back, slowly entering a shell yet again. I like it there. It is warm, and I rarely disagree with myself. No big deal.

The year 2003 will be known as �The year of the Polar Bear�

I wonder what it�s actually like to fuck Madonna circa 1987. I think she should have had her vocal chords removed as a child, there is no reason to ever listen to Madonna. Even in irony it�s just not fun. This is how I felt about Guns and Roses too. Recently, I read something about how they were somehow important. I thought they were sort of the last gasp of 80�s hair rock/metal, once they put out that acoustic thing and Axl started calling people niggers and faggots though we all knew where they would stand in the history of important rock music. Absolutely nowhere. It�s amazing how one day something can sound pleasing and catchy to the ear, and all of a sudden you snap and realize it�s not good whatsoever. I think if anyone can actually intelligently explain to me why they are important, I will buy them every single Aerosmith, Rolling Stones (up to Some Girls, excluding Their Satanic Majesties Request), and Led Zeppelin CD and prove them wrong within 5 minutes.

Emotional Rescue is a pretty good song though.

Failure and rewards seem to come from the same place nowadays. I wonder how much money I will win soon. I have a feeling a 6 digit amount will happen.

The hip-hop people, they all need to move to a different planet, please.

far away in another place

I want out and action with my life soon

this will prove to be the most boring year and a half of my life

I am taking march off a week to go away

I am taking a week of march to go away

I am taking a week in march off to go away

If they let me that is

�fuck her in the ass Gene!�


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