Oh Joy!
2003-01-14 || Shaleen and Tommy-1940, Brighton Beach
soundtrack � neil young � comes a time

�the guy with the moustache, over by the pool table�

There we were drinks in our hand feeling like we should be somewhere else. I turned to Jared and said �we should move away�. He shakes his head a resounding �NO� and takes a sip of his beer. I hate how he drinks his beer, it just annoys me to no end. This is why I will move away, I can�t deal with how Jared drinks his beers.

�the fact that nobody listens to the �shot of love� record by Dylan because of the cover�

I am getting lazier in my old age. I wonder how much longer I have. This morning, upon looking in the mirror, I realized I need to: lose weight, have my head cut off, be given a new face, and see if I can get a bigger cock.

�I would pay at least 300 dollars to see one of the women who works for me naked�

I don�t lie anymore. Lying is for girls who say they love me.

�If you take this, you will be able to jump off of the building, and list vans up�

Downtown Salem this time of year is a melting pot of brown skin, gray beards, spiked belts and badly dyed hair. Men walking around, exhaling and inhaling bitter cold ice with swords under dusty trench coats. I drive through and am reminded of the summer of 2000. It was hot, I was out of control, and, well, it was hot. I am a fool all of the time, not just in relationships, but in the day-to-day solo activities. I spend every Sunday alone now. I haven�t spent a Sunday afternoon with someone else since I was in Oklahoma. I like the Sunday afternoons, they remind me of downtown Salem. Each year I discover something new about this place that I like. A friend recently said �I don�t need to be this cold anymore, I�m done with this place�. I don�t ever need to leave this place.

�Jerry Garcia, Ted Koppel, Osama Bin Laden, and Peter Murphy walk into a methadone clinic�.�

I saw a Chicago video the other night, and Peter Cetera was wearing a Bauhaus t-shirt. Last night, I saw a video of �Lock and Key� by Rush. If the VH-1 Classics channel isn�t the best thing that�s happened to me since I learned how to eat pussy I don�t know what is.

�The Life Penalty�

I just heard that they have captured the murderer of Mia Zapata from the Gits who was murdered back in 1993. DNA is scary. Murderers are scarier though. Thank god�or someone like him.

�Taking drugs makes taking drugs a lot easier�

I was initially surprised that you would even smoke a cigarette, let alone a joint. How could I have been a sucker for so long though? What kind of man hangs around his ex-girlfriend for 2 years doing any favor at the drop of a hat for her? Driving to your apartment in the middle of the night because you had a bad dream. Coming to your aid. You rewarded me with another year of love, of letting me be in love with you again. I wonder from time to time though, why I even bothered. You still stick out as the only girl I ever loved more than anything in the world, but I couldn�t be the one for you evidently. When we would get high and fuck all night, I thought you were Venus.

�Ladies and Gentlemen, Foreigner�

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�Shoot the cop in the face, if he hollers let him go�

I get nervous when people watch the band play. In the room. I don�t get nervous when we play in front of an audience. I get nervous when I have to walk up to a counter and ask for a pack of cigarettes. I love when they have them on the counter and I can just pick them up and not have to say anything. I get nervous when I have to buy gasoline for my car. Always use the credit option. Always use the credit option. Say it. I get nervous when I go outside thinking that somebody out there knows what I am thinking. I don�t want them to ever know what I�m thinking. I don�t want them to ever know what I�m thinking. Don�t look into my eyes. Don�t look into my mind. They all look at me as I walk by and see me overweight, exhausted and single. Don�t fucking laugh. I have killed people. In my mind, I killed someone once. A policeman, he called me a �faggot�. I killed him and his wife in my mind. Shotguns. Pussy. Perfume. Knives. The whole nine yards. This is why I don�t tell. Big puffy wind proof jackets with holes of bloody goose feathers in a puddle of coffee and urine.

�The finger that you cut off and throw in the fireplace will be the �devil finger��

We didn�t care who we offended, we didn�t care who liked us, we didn�t care who loved us, we didn�t care where we were going. We simply did not fucking care.

�the time I ejaculated all over myself in the office bathroom and claimed �that sink is too powerful in there��

In a West End town

In a West End town, a dead end world

The East End boys and West End girls

In a West End town, a dead end world

The East End boys and West End girls

West End girls

�How I will die, this summer�

Bread, champagne, tulips, cigarettes, horses, chapstick aftertaste. �Royalty�

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