Oh Joy!
2003-01-14 || Andrea and Chesley-1902, San Francisco
Soundtrack � Marc Ribot � Los Cubano Postizos

A man in my office was nice enough to help fill my bong tonight. Which is what happened. Ice cubes and water. Enough to create some interesting music tonight, and now enough to make words appear on the screen here.

I would recommend buying the cd I�m listening to if you are a person that doesn�t own it. Really. If you like the guitar solo in the song Jockey Full of Bourbon, you would like this, as it�s the same guy. This Cuban music makes me want to go buy more though and find out what else is out there.

Last night I watched at least 80 minutes of What Women Want on cable, and I was completely sober. Now, I�m a little out of it, and am fine with no television.

It is apparent that two-thirds of cars on the road in the states have American Flags, or �Remember 9/11/01� stickers. Why do I want to remember that? The day we decided to hate those people over there even more. It�s amazing that there was a bombing last month that was by the same people, yet nobody hear seems to give a shit. I still don�t know why the people who worked in the WTC, or were in the planes are more valuable than anyone who has died at the hands of my country, or just people dying in general in the Middle East, etc. It�s all equally shitty to me.

My brother came up and took pictures of the band tonight playing, and then �posing�. We need a photo so we can make an 8 x 10, and a press package, etc. I need a shave. Breaux pointed out the ever-graying temples of mine tonight.

When Margaret Cho stops doing that impression of her mother what happens then?

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