Oh Joy!
2003-01-10 || Lauren and Christian-1992, Orlando
soundtrack � the cure � the top

who cares who spends time wondering who or what I�m doing? they are all ghosts and they are all useless to me anyway. I don�t like any of them, and I don�t trust any of them, and I don�t hold them in any kind of regard other than acquaintances.

(jaybars they smoked them in junior high with this guy steninghilber or something likt e that I remember that there that guy had a boom box and hel walked around with it and blare doxzzy osbuorne tapes because they had no cd�s back them�no cd�s! tapes I had the tapes he had and looked= up to that guy cbecause he hadn tapes of the good shit and I wanted to fuck tery miller so badly I wanted to fuck her every night awhen we got homemne I would beat of to her and rol overee to slpe)

I want them to go away. the other day I almost smashed my cell phone against the icy ground. I held back as I have all the drug dealer phone numbers saved in there. I want to smash the computer though, it tells me that nobody loves me and nobody likes me. I actually do care, not like the shitheads that say �no�.

(that fiurst one was a fucking lira and a cheater I can�t tamke liars and chetars I becmea one and hate myself for one she fucked guys and sukced my cock and didn�t tell l me whwtat was up with this shit and thyea shit she was ahwolre that hopefullsy get aisfd inside her rotten isndies)

last night watched 3 episodes of the prison show downloading some music I bought over the internet. fuck do the mp3�s sound like shit. who likes this format, it�s so awful? I am ready to have the weekend off now. in hours. one of the women that works for me, I�m getting sick of her shenanigans. I think we may fire her soon. She�s been here over ten years, I�ve been here for 6. I hate fucks who are full of shit half of the time. As I was writing that she just walked in and said �sorry I�m late, I had car problems�. Anyway, I�ve been building a case against her including a bunch of e-mails we sent her that she deleted (gotta love that read receipt thingy), and just all around shitheadness.

this weekend I will kill a shark

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